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  1. Congrats!!!!! Very much deserved. Thank you so...

    Congrats!!!!! Very much deserved. Thank you so much for everything you contribute to the forum HarleyDude!!
  2. Thread: 4.5.605 help

    by JohnDroid

    5k posts, awesome! :) Congrats.

    5k posts, awesome! :) Congrats.
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    Please keep discussions of apps that allow...

    Please keep discussions of apps that allow pirated movies off this site. Thanks.
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    It simply checks your IP address when you...

    It simply checks your IP address when you register, so you can try registering from a different device (ie, your phone), a coffee shop, library, etc... It's subscribed to an RBL so I can't remove the...
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    Google+: Facebook should be _very_ worried

    Facebook made a name for itself by starting as a closed network available only to Harvard students initially and then branched out...
  6. Buy your Chromebooks now at Amazon or Best Buy

    The day has finally come and it looks like those of us who weren't lucky enough to get a free CR-48 from Google and who didn't want to...
  7. The new Nintendo Wii U -- who else is stoked?

    Who else is stoked about the new Nintendo Wii U? As you know is our custom, we've got a dedicated site just for the Nintendo Wii U at the Wii U Forum.

    You can visit the site at the following url:...
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    We will get this going sometime next week on most...

    We will get this going sometime next week on most sites!
  9. Introducing the Icon Pack - Series 3

    It's been a while since our last Icon Pack release (Series 2, Series 1)so we are long overdue for a new set. Well, here it...
  10. Sorry about the downtime... we have a new server

    Just wanted to apologize to everyone about the recent site downtime. We migrated from one server to another and it created a bit of a problem and some tables got corrupt. We of course have backups...
  11. Introducing the Icon Pack - Series 2

    We are super excited to announce our second Android Avatar Compliation Pack. As you may be aware from our first pack we have these icons...
  12. Introducing the Icon Pack - Series 1 is proud to announce our first release of free Android icons. We commissioned this set from Icon Design Labs and will be...
  13. Site dedicated to the Motorola Xoom @

    It is our policy to add sections for all available phones here at - but we also realize that some members would be happier on a website...
  14. Sticky: It sounds good in theory but leads to a ton of...

    It sounds good in theory but leads to a ton of work and keeps people from posting good content in the proper sections. Kind of six in one hand, half a dozen in the other :)
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    I'll get the smilies added to the todo list......

    I'll get the smilies added to the todo list... but as far as the answered thingy, that does require a vb modification and I've tried it in the past and was not impressed with the code, it was quite...
  16. Announcing - Android Forum, Covering all Android Phones

    As you may be aware is part of a family of Android discussion forums. Our family of sites try to cover all phones and all skill...
  17. Sticky: Link colors updated :)

    Link colors updated :)
  18. Top 10 cities to receive free Google CR-48 Notebooks

    We told you that Google was giving away 60,000 Chrome OS Notebooks and they are still sending them out. If you haven't signed up, I...
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    Happy Holidays from

    We would like to take this moment to thank all of the members of this wonderful community. Without your contributions and friendship none of this...
  20. Worried you won't get a Google CR-48 Netbook? Think Again!

    Anytime something is offered for free on the Internet there is a rush for people to sign up and a feeling of elation... followed shortly by...
  21. Gmail for Android Updated: Priority Inbox Support
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    Google Announces CR-48 Chrome OS Netbook

    As we mentioned earlier, Google finally took the plunge and announced the first developer hardware available for Chrome OS...
  23. Google shows off Motorola Tablet running Honeycomb

    These past couple of days have been flooded with amazing news. Things in the Android world are getting more and more exciting. We are going to...
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    Google releases Gingerbread

    Google has made an official post on the blog confirming Gingerbread which will slot in at version 2.3. You can download the SDK/NDK already at the...
  25. Newest version of DoubleTwist supports wireless sync'ing

    If your like me then you are too lazy to constantly be plugging in your phone to your computers USB just to sync a few files. The ideal...
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