Battery stopped charging

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Thread: Battery stopped charging

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    Battery stopped charging

    So I left home this morning for work. My battery was at 20%. I put it in my car dock and plugged in my only power cable to the dock so I could charge it on the way in. When I was almost all the way into work, I looked at my phone and realized it wasn't charging and that the battery was at 15%! I fiddled with the cable/dock/phone and everything was still plugged in. I took the phone out of the cradle and it was HOT (not hot enough to scald you but hot enough to make you pull back when you touch it)! I plugged it directly into the power cord and still no charging indicator.

    Conveniently, the VZW store I bought the phone at is almost across the street from work, so I just swung by there (mind you, 5 minutes after I unplugged the phone). I brought the phone in and they said under no condition should the phone be that hot and that I almost definitely had a bad battery.

    They swapped the battery for a brand new one and took care of me in about 10 minutes.

    Sooooo.... I'm hoping this is not the beginning of some longer-term battery troubles with these phones. I could have just had a defective battery or maybe I have a defective power supply in my phone. We'll see if I keep going through batteries. Would like to get this figured out before I buy some after-market batteries (i.e. where it's MUCH more difficult to get them replaced).
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    Weird. I had a similar problem but mine isn't overheating. It gets hot when I browse but not too bad.
    My problem is with my car chargers and dock. The first day I had it I plugged the car charger into it and I noticed the charge indicator didn't go on. So I tried my other charger and it worked.
    I looked down a couple minutes later and noticed it was NOT charging anymore. I had to fiddle with the chargers to get them to work.
    I took it back to VZW immediately and they said both my car chargers were bad and that I should buy a new one.
    I have another new Motorola $3 charger that I'm gonna try and if that does the same crap I think I have a problem. Hopefully just a battery issue.

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    I have had similar problems with my Droid X and the dock. I noticed that the phone was getting very hot (125.6F) and was not charging. Even if I turn the screen off while in the dock it does not charge even though it says it is charging. I am not near where I bought the phone and think I might need to find the closest store.

    The other thing I have noticed is that my battery can't make it more than 6 hours. And that is without doing much with it.

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