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This is a discussion on Motorcycle Mounts - Zipper Case within the Droid X Accessories Reviews forums, part of the Droid X Accessories category; I love to ride. I enjoy listening to music and as someone educated in photogrammetery and cartography, I also like maps. It has only been ...

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Thread: Motorcycle Mounts - Zipper Case

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    Motorcycle Mounts - Zipper Case

    I love to ride.

    I enjoy listening to music and as someone educated in photogrammetery and cartography, I also like maps.

    It has only been recently though that I have been listening to music while riding and I have never had a GPS on my bike but i have carried maps, just in case.

    One of my motivations to purchase the Droid X was to eliminate a lot of my electronic clutter from my life. And so far the Droid X is doing that. With the caveat of that anything that does everything usually doesn't do one as well as one thing that only does one thing. That almost hurt my head to type at 5:30 in the morning.

    Ah well enough chatter. Besides Street Vibrations is going on an we are on a charity run today so I have to get to typing before the sun comes up.

    So I want to have my Droid with me on rides. I want to be able to listen to the music as well use the GPS function. I don't really care much to talk while riding so that wasn't one of my priorities. Now if someone comes out with a nice set of headphones that also has a microphone on it, well maybe, but again it isn't a priority for me. I have resisted even rider to passenger comms so I doubt I will see shift in my desire to talk while riding anytime soon.

    I searched on these forums for some cases and suggestions and with Droid X being new and bigger there wasn't a lot of options. And I wasn't sure which way I'd want to go. I did find a company called The Mount Guys that seem to have just about any mount anyone could possibly want. So I sent them an email (they don't have phone based service) and said I am looking for motorcycle mounts for my Droid X and am considering a couple of their cases. And that I'd want to buy one or two then see which one I wanted and ship what I don't use back. They seemed to be OK with this so I ordered a couple of cases. I have already made a return, I'll let you know how that goes.

    So on to the review.

    Zipper Case from the Mount Guys.

    The first case is a zipper case that is A) inexpensive and B) lightweight and compacts nicely when not being used.

    This case sells for $23.88.

    This zipper case is just the about same size as the Droid X. The dimensions are so close it is easy to see why someone would say it fits the Droid X. And it does fit, but not with both the charger and headset plugged in.

    (I have since ordered a right angle charger base and purchased a right angle headphone adapter from Radio Shack. Both of these items would be necessities IMHO for using just about any case for riding.)

    I will post some pictures and answer any questions but in general I really like this case, but the zipper wasn't easy to work and would be hard with gloves but the big detriment to this case is the mounting. It is more geared to bicycles as my 1" bar was a tight fit so those with 1-1/4" bars may be virtually impossible to attach.

    Again I liked this case. But I returned it as it really is just the size of the Droid X and even with right angle cables would be tight if you wanted to have the charger and headset plugged in at the same time.

    As you can see the water resistant cable hole is nothing fancy but would have worked as I would not have intended to leave everything out in a torrential downpour.

    The case comes with spacers to adapt to various thicknesses of devices and the 3 adapters would accommodate the Droid X nicely.

    Putting the X into this case with the charger port plugged in was a tight fit and attached to the bike would have been challenging.

    But it does fit...

    The mounting to the handle bars was a little weak at best and I could not use any of the rubber adapters on my 1" bars. So again 1-1/4" bars would be a challenge.

    Here it is on my Yamaha.

    And with the Droid X inside.

    So this case does technically fit the Droid X but in is in reality a little small.

    In the end, I returned this case as it wasn't what I hoped for and doesn't really fit the Droid X with the cables to keep it charged and music playing.

    It is however a good case and is what it is advertised to be. If I had a smaller Droid this is a good inexpensive option.

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    Pretty nifty...

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