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09-25-2010, 10:09 AM
If you read my thread about the zipper case then you know I bought two cases at the same time be able to choose which one I like. The Mount Guys (http://www.mountguys.com/) seemed to be agreeable to me trying out a couple and returning the one I don't use. But I ended up returning both. I'll let you know how the customer service is with them once they process my returns.

One of the cases I ordered was the Ram Mount Aqua Box. I initially ordered the RAM-HOL-AQ6U (http://www.mountguys.com/product_p/ram-hol-aq6u.htm) which is the size of the Droid X but like the zipper case, doesn't have enough room for the charger and headset to be plugged in without undue stress on the cables or more importantly the ports on the phone itself. I did end up purchasing the RAM-B-101-AQ6U "Medium/Wide" (http://www.mountguys.com/product_p/ram-b-101-aq6.htm) case locally and the Droid X has extra room and cables fit nicely. You will see in the pictures below what I am talking about.

http://www.mountguys.com/v/vspfiles/photos/RAM-B-101-AQ6-2T.jpg (http://www.mountguys.com/product_p/ram-b-101-aq6.htm)

This is a hard case with a flexible cover so you can see and use your Droid while it is in the case.

Yes, you can use the phone through the flexible window.

It is worth noting a couple of items that I think will be required no matter what case you end up with.

I ordered a 102-5693202-5759426 6' micro USB Male to USB 2.0 A Male from ezeStand (http://ezestand.com/) that has a right angle plug so the cord takes up much less space than the straight plug. The cord was
$5.99 on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Right-Angle-Micro-USB-Cable/dp/B003E3HPD0/ref=sr_1_2?s=gateway&ie=UTF8&qid=1285420823&sr=8-2).


I was looking for a headphone dongle or cord that was short and with a 90* fitting to put the Droid in a case but also allowed me to plug in a headphone easily. AKA not opening and closing the case every time. You'll see why a little later. Radio Shack 8" headphone extension cord with volume control.
$8.99 at Radio Shack #420-2559 (http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102975)

Ok the Aqua Box. This is what the doctor ordered when thinking of a water resistant dust resistant case for motorcycles and the Droid X.

After getting the right size for the job, I will be using this case.

The nitty gritty. I originally ordered the regular medium case as this seemed to fit when comparing dimensions. The problem is that the dimensions don't include cords. And I was disappointed and somewhat panicked when the medium case didn't fit as I am about to leave on a little ride from Reno to Tucson to Big Bend and back. And I really wanted to take my Droid in the capacity of navigator and entertainer (music). Luckily I actually found a medium/wide AquaBox locally at the Sierra BMW motorcycle shop. I did pay a premium for it, but I have it now and it is going with me to Texas.

The medium case is just, "just" big enough for the Droid X. But not big enough for cords. Although I didn't try the right angle cords I am happier with the fitting of the medium/wide AquaBox. So here are some pictures.

This is what I got from the Mount Guys. Loose packaging but complete.
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-05.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-05.jpg

Comes with spacers.
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-06.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-06.jpg

The phone fits in the smaller medium case.
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-09.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-09.jpg

But not comfortable enough with the charger and headset plugged in for my liking.
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-10.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-10.jpg

09-25-2010, 10:29 AM
The case is however very nice and well made.
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-07.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-07.jpg


The flexible cover is functional as well as easy to see through. And note that if you pushed the Droid X into the lower corner and used the right angle plugs above, this case would probably work if you are space challenged.
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-29.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-29.jpg

However the bigger medium/wide case has much more breathing room for straight cables and the Droid X can be centered in the case with right angle cables. Being centered in the case allows for easier (IMHO) access to the buttons.
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-41.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-41.jpg

When setting up the AquaBox I encountered a couple of challenges I didn't expect.

1) The cables are run out of the AquaBox through tabs you break off for the cables. But are under the mounting plate. So the cables become part of the box and can be removed but not without unscrewing the base. Something I don't want to do every day. And certainly not something I'd want to do, only to loose the screws somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-36.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-36.jpg



http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-38.jpg2) The other is I didn't have an accessory plug on my bike up near the handle bars. But that is another thread and probably on another forum. So I had to install one.

http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-33.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-33.jpg

09-25-2010, 10:29 AM
3) When I was setting up the medium/wide AquaBox I had to go and get another piece of foam to insert into the box as it came with the same standard 3 pieces of foam but the box is deeper than the medium one. So without the additional foam, the Droid X would not have been s snug fit and flopped around inside the box.

Sorry no pictures of extra foam.

When installing the foam I placed a magnet to turn on the desk charger mode and keep the phone on while in the case. It is worth noting that if you are not plugged into a 12v source, even with the magnet, the phone shuts off. And that is a good thing so you don't kill the phone battery in case you need to use it.

I also recommend using the sticky side to attach the foam. One so the foam doesn't blow away in a wind storm if the case is open. Two so the little nylock nuts don't fall out when attaching or removing the base.

Here is the third layer of foam and the magent placement. Note I used a cheap old magent off of some junk on the refrigerator. Since it is big, placement wasn't critical and I won't have to be precise when putting the phone in the AquaBox.

Locating the magnet. (sorry for the fuzzy pic)
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-50.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-50.jpg

Cut out.
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-51.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-51.jpg

I then placed the last thinnest piece of foam to cover the magnet.
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-52.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-52.jpg

And this is how the Droid X and the AquaBox Medium/wide fits.
http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-54.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-54.jpg

http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-55.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-55.jpg

http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-56.jpg http://www.thiniar.cc/RamMount/rammt-49.jpghttp://www.thinair.cc/RamMount/rammt-56.jpg

And on my Yamaha.

All in all, I really like the AquaBox. The hard case will make placing and removing the phone easy. The right angle cords gives me comfort so I'm not stressing the cords or the ports.

The ball and socket mounting allows for a variety of placements and is easy to install and remove. Without tools and gloves are no problem, including making adjustments to positioning.

I will let you know how it works on the road later as I have a charity run to do today and then Monday I leave for Texas!

09-25-2010, 10:51 AM
what widget is that that gives you the full month view on ur home screen?

09-25-2010, 10:53 AM
what widget is that that gives you the full month view on ur home screen?
Launcher Pro Plus aka the paid one

09-28-2010, 08:29 AM
Wow! Thanks for the review, let us know how it goes. Ride safe, keep it rubber side down.

09-28-2010, 09:11 AM
Great review, thanks. I'm still looking for a solution. I wish someone would come out with a Droid X specific case for this. I don't have a windshield and I feel like these universal cases will look huge on my bike. I want a sleek way to mount to my bars. Doesn't look bad on yours.

09-29-2010, 09:17 AM
I agree on the case being huge on the bike. But the phone itself is huge and that doesn't help the situation. LOL

On the little ride I took, the AquaBox performed as expected and with no vibration or shaking making it hard to read. I was pretty impressed with as stable as it was. Overall, so far I like this case. The only CON I can think of is temperatures as I did get my phone warm while searching for service and the AquaBox by design doesn't allow for a lot of air flow to help in cooling. I will know more about temps and this box as I am leaving in 2 hours for my journey from Reno to Tucson, then to Big Bend and back. It should be warm enough to get a good grasp on how temps affect the phone while using it as a gps a music player in fairly high ambient temps. Now an open case would work best for heat but not so good for grime, dust, oils and rain so in order to protect the phone the AquaBox system shines so far.

I'll post an update upon my return or if I am in a hotel room somewhere and I feel like surfing on the Droid X.

10-05-2010, 11:02 AM
Nice Classic! I have a VStar 1100 Custom and have been looking for a way to do this as well! Are you running it off 12v or just battery? There's a great writeup on the VStar 1100 Riders forums about adding a DC port to one of the plastic panels near the neck/ignition.
Please remember to update us on a post-ride report as I would love to hear more about how this worked out for you.