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09-17-2010, 09:21 PM
So far i've used several softwares to achieve this and after reviewing the quality both on the droid screen and on big screen via droid x hdmi i think i have it down. I have used handbrake, agk, adobe encode, and some others that failed. The ones i like the most are tsmuxer which i used to join split m2ts or von files into one and cyberlinks espresso which i got for free with powerdvd10. Espresso is nice because it utilizes your gpu as well as your cpu so encoding is very fast. Tsmuxer is fast at joining too. Espresso has an output setting under custom that i've grown fond of for not only droid x but also xbox 360. The setting is wmv wth res of 856x4.. 856 is just bigger than dx native 854 but it looks great on screen and hdmi. I haven't yet tested to make sure it keeps 5.1 audio but there are plenty of ways to get this done, fingers crossed. I did avatar from bluray to dx and at 856x4.. it is stellar. Much better than previous attempts and when it comes to video quality i am very, very particular. I can't Watch stuttering, poorly scaled, or offset audio movies. Not to mention pixalated or grainy.

09-18-2010, 06:15 AM
Okay so i tested the hdmi and the playback works fine native without using realhdmi which i propably won't get. The video quality as i said is stellar but the audio is only stereo however my demon reciever does a great job of creating rear channels from stereo. I tested some avi converted files and they playback stereo too now im going to transfer avi without wmv conversion to see if realplayer will play tim back, play them back over hdmi and play them back with surround channel. I'll keep u posted.

09-18-2010, 06:36 AM
Avi and wmv are containers not formats. What codec are you encoding to?

Swyped on my X

09-26-2010, 07:18 AM
Okay so playback is hindered with files over2gb. They play but take forever to start and audio gets out of sync quikly.

09-27-2010, 10:05 AM
It is not a matter if "size" it is a BITS PER SECOND issue and the CPUs ability to render and display the video and audio. Anything over 1200 BPS (or so) and you are asking for trouble.

09-27-2010, 02:21 PM
"It is not a matter if "size" it is a BITS PER SECOND issue and the CPUs ability to render and display the video and audio. Anything over 1200 BPS (or so) and you are asking for trouble."
Don't think you are correct. So I NOW have an even more streamlined process- one program for all and the quality is Stellar- as good as DVD and even better than DVD when Bluray is the source. Using AVI for Video and MP3 (Dolby Prologic II) for Audio, plays on Droid X and over HDMI and looks great on the Droid X and on HDTV and sounds great too.
TIPS: file size needs to be under 2Gb, sweetspot for me has been 1.67 (1670 Mb).
So I have been using DVDFab 7- :: Yes it cost, no I don't work for them and IMO it is worth it because you don't need all the other software.

1.Insert DVD or Blu-ray into Drive (obviously you need a Bluray drive to read blurays)
2.Rip/BACKUP your LEGAL copies of your DVD or Blurays using DVDfab with these settings (ALSO, Bluray rips require internet connection and take alot longer so I actually prefer DVDs.)
SETTINGS: Main Movie only (helps keep file size down, quality up)
Under DVD/Bluray to Mobile select AVI
Bottom right select Edit and set to generic AVI mp3
Video Settings custom Resolution- add resolution 854X480!!!
Under Audio settings bump up to 128 or 192bits, Dolby Prologic II
and finally the FILE size needs to be manually set under quality settings enter 1670 and make sure it is selected- any less and pixalated any more and Droid X has trouble playing back.

Now, to put this file on your Droid X connect the Droid X via USB, PC MODE- browse files- Video folder and drag the AVI you created from your PC to the Video folder for the Droid X- 2 options will then popup: "Copy and Convert" or "Just Copy" (something along these lines) DO NOT CONVERT because it will screw with your qualtiy and you don't need to convert because it is all READY to go for the Droid X. Not to mention just copying is much quicker than converting anyways.

Now you'll be able to play AVI videos at great quality with native video player and enjoy them over HDMI without the cheesy Real HDMI or RockPlayer that runs okay but the free version has advertisements and the full and free have a RED R at the top left which is kind of annoying on the Droid X screen. NOTE: AVATAR from Bluray came out native WS without bars so I am thinking HD movies formatted WS 16:9 propperly will maintain their scale on 854X480 WS res.

So far Avatar, Clash of the Titans and Iron man all look and play great!!! Both on the phone and via HDMI on the screen!

09-27-2010, 02:48 PM
Generic AVI is 1150 In the presets I have seen ;)

<profile name="Generic AVI - Xvid/MP3/CBR" version="200" device="generic" tag="dvdfab" description="The profile is used to create avi(xvid + mp3) file using CBR, which can be played on PC or supported device." >
<file format="avi" onefile_size_mb="700" number="1" />
<audio copy="0" codec="mp3" channel="2" >
<freq value="48000" list="32000,44100,48000" />
<bitrate value="128000" list="64000,96000,128000,192000,256000" />
<volume percent="125" />
<size list="" />
<subtitle mode="0" />
<encode codec="xvid" fourcc="XVID" bitrate_kbps="1150" >
<mode value="real_time" list="real_time, high_quality" />
<acodec name="lame"/>
<vcodec name="xvid">
<motion motion_search="5" vhq="0" qpel="0" gmc="0" chroma_me="0" />

09-29-2010, 06:57 PM
What are you talking about. Quit hijacking this thread with nonsense. First of all the presets default according to scale of source so you are wrong because it'll never be the same. Second this is why I said force a file/qaulity size to 1650ish less if you want but keep in mind quality takes a hit.

Dvdfab apparently sucks for some movies such as iron man2. I had to use a trial of magic dvd ripper to get the main movie and then loaded that file to fab to convert to avi because magic doesn't output an avi with mp3 audio.

For some reason some eves such as ironman2 contain dummies as well and fab will rip but quality looks terrible.

07-01-2011, 06:58 PM
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