View Full Version : Volume boost/graphic EQ app?

09-08-2010, 10:34 PM
Just wondering if anyone has come across an app that has a player that provides higher volume or a graphic equalizer that you can tweak to boost the volume of mp3s? I like the default player, but I just wish it would max out a little louder. Anybody got any recommendations or tips other than plugging into external speakers or headphones?

09-08-2010, 10:39 PM
MixZing Music Player - full version has a nice on-screen equalizer for the music...

Screenshot attached...

http://www.droidxforums.com/forum/members/smalltowngirl13-albums-screenshots-picture759-equalizer-mixzing-app.jpg (http://www.droidxforums.com/forum/members/smalltowngirl13-albums-screenshots-picture688-screenshot-htc_ime-custom-keyboard.html)

09-08-2010, 10:42 PM
I tried that one earlier tonight. Didn't notice much of a difference between that and the default player. Maybe I just need to play with it a bit more.

09-08-2010, 10:46 PM
The equalizer is in the full version - did you do the free version? Which if you are not impressed with the free version - I wouldn't recommend purchasing the full version (altho you have 24 hours to try it, make sure you uninstall thru the market to receive the refund)...

Might try Cubed or 3 (exponent) - I see it recommended alot...as well as Lithium Player...