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05-21-2013, 03:37 PM
Its come time for my contract to be up and to replace my Droid x2. I have to start a new contract on my own since I was on my parents plan. So it comes to this.

Verizon GS4 or iPhone 5?

Would like to hear both sides.

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05-21-2013, 03:44 PM
Always a fan of android and love all the customization I can do and so many roms to choose from. Unless things have changed since I even touched a apple product, things are limited.

05-22-2013, 12:29 AM
iPhones are nice if you manage to jailbreak it but I think apple fixed the exploit I'm getting to s4 tomorrow so I say s4

05-22-2013, 01:21 AM
See I've been Droid since day one. But I love my Ipad.

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05-22-2013, 03:29 AM
Okay what are you looking for in a phone?

If your looking for straight up reliability then go Iphone.. But if you are looking for the most up to date phone with the best specs and making the device completely yours.. You have to go s4.

I mean what are the benefits of the i5? Panoramic 8mp camera? Congrats our DX had that. 4g? Hooray that's 2-3 (?) years old.. A 4in screen? That's smaller than the DX.. 326ppi screen? That's not bad but my GNex has that and its almost a year and a half old..

The specs on the i5 aren't special. The only good thing about it in my mind.. Reliability. Random reboots? Never. Batter life? Amazing.

And of course this is going to be biased.. Your asking an android forum hahah

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05-22-2013, 07:38 AM
Apple products are reliable.. But specs are not special and definitely behind many Android phones.. Keep in mind no removable battery.. I have plenty of friends married to a charger with their Iphones.. I always tell peeps.. Do you want to hang with the popular girl or the exciting fun always outgoing unpredictable one... Lol

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05-24-2013, 12:17 AM
Ok went to the big red v today and played with the sg4 and the note 2.

(The iPhone 5 is officially off my list of possible phones.)

Their the same price with new contract. What would y'all suggest? I usually pocket carry my phone and I'm not sure if I will like the size of the note in my pocket. But its bigger for the money. Quad core sounds nice but the octo core on the sg4 sounds better.

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05-24-2013, 01:16 AM
The s4 has a quad core. Octa-core is not available in the USA. I got the s4 today and it's freaking awesome. Personally the note 2 is a little big for me but the 4 is perfect size.

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