View Full Version : Theming Issue

04-27-2013, 10:56 AM
Hello all,
Just flashed this version after having a few issues with gb miui. Gotta say I love the rom. Its amazes me that I'm using a 3 year old phone that runs and looks better than 90% of the brand new ones out there. Thanks Devs!

That being said, I want mine to look even better :)

Finally got most of my apps restored, and went to theme it. After I get a theme to download ( takes a couple tries for some reason, I get download failed once or twice and then it seems to go thru) I can see the theme apply itself for a few seconds before it reverts to some default theme with the blades of grass wallpaper and the stock ICS lockscreen.

I've tried multiple different themes and it happens with them all. Any ideas?