View Full Version : Need Help Rooting Milestone X (Alltell Droid X) 2.3.5/4.5.604

02-06-2013, 02:02 PM
Hey guys,

Definitely new to jailbreaking and rooting game. I've wathced idk how many videos and read idk how many guides to try to help me root this phone but i cant find any that really show me what to do. My phone is on 2.3.5/4.5.604. I've downloaded z4root and placed it on my sd card and attempted to root my phone that way but with further investigation i found out that that is only applicable to the update 2.3.4. This phone is 2 years old, it's not activated. I only use it on wifi. I play a game that requires you to register your device upon putting in a referall code and I need to be able to download an app that I can spoof my mac address so i can register my device over and over. the only apps that will be on this phonethat i will use will be the game I play and the app that allows me to generate a false mac address so the game thinks my phone is a different device so i can keep registering it. I dont have any type of pictures or apps or anything of importance that matters if it gets lost somehow. I purchased a new sd card just for this operation there isnt anything on there that is of importance if it gets erased. i just need a simple process to root my phone and an app that can fake out the games emulator by changing my mac address.

any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!

02-06-2013, 04:50 PM
Download the .604 ezsbf for the x in my signature. It has instructions in the thread and a built in root function.

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