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01-01-2013, 05:56 PM
Hello, I hope I put this topic in the correct forum, all I could see was a bunch of forums for Droid X.

Let me explain my problem:

I have a Motorola Droid Pro/XPRT CDMA/GSM running on GingerBread 2.3.5 on the Boost Mobile/Sprint network. I was doing a hack for unlimited 3g/4g that essentially bypasses throttling. This phone has always run on 3g however I read elsewhere it is 4g compatible some how? As well as 3g/2g/GPRS/Edge/GSM and it can even work on T-Mobile, ATT, etc?

Anyway here's the problem, my phone is bricked, I can't get RSD Lite to even flash the stock system binary file SBF.

I am running Windows 8 Enterprise RTM
I have downloaded and installed the latest Motorola USB Drivers
I have RSD Lite version 5.3.1 installed
I have the Boost Mobile SBF File: 1FF-p3_kronos_cdma_kronos-user-2.3.5-4.5.1-KNS-29-BST-15-18-release-keys-signed-Boost-US

I powered off the phone and held down both the Camera/Calendar button on the right side of the phone + the volume up button on the left side of the phone and held down the power button and put the phone into the flash mode.

When I plug the phone into my laptop USB slot I get a popup of drivers being installed and it says "Installing Drivers For: MB6600"

RSD Lite detects my phone and displays in the upper left panel the specifications of my phone. I locate the system binary file entitled: 1FF-p3_kronos_cdma_kronos-user-2.3.5-4.5.1-KNS-29-BST-15-18-release-keys-signed-Boost-US.sbf and the upper right panel displays the specifications of the system binary file being this:

Filename: 1FF-p3_kronos_cdma_kronos-user-2.3.5-4.5.1-KNS-29-BST-15-18-release-keys-signed-Boost-US.sbf
Creation Date: 08/29/2012 06:44:06
File size: 617891488
RAM DL Version: N / A
Bootloader Version: N / A
Platform: 4G OMAP
HAB Type: Signed Production

I click start and a percentage progress bar starts on USB1.. when the percentage progress bar gets to 100% the action quits and says FAIL and displays this error message: "phone is not compatible with multi-interface super-file"

Exactly *WHAT* am I doing wrong here? I'm pulling my hair out over this and I really need this done. The phone is rooted and running 2.3.5 I had read previously that the sprint users of this phone had to remove root before flashing, but that's stupid and doesn't make any sense. Also I have no idea how to remove root from this phone if that's what is necessary to fix this. On top of that it's bricked and I can't even boot the phone.

I've tried every possibly combination of methods suggested. I have run the command from an elevated command prompt running administrator and still it fails.. :$

Please help me. I can't seem to figure this out. I have googled every possible resource and none of the methods work.

I read somewhere else that you need a specific version of RSD lite + a patched OMAP and RSD ini file or something? They never went into the details of getting that stuff though :(

Nemo aeternamn
01-01-2013, 06:13 PM
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as this is more of a forum for the motorola droid x/milestone x... the only thing i can think of to try is that your using a good quality usb cable... preferable the stock moto cable... that can cause some head ache... or maybe give this thread a read threw and try downloading a new sbf... could be a bad download... and verify the md5 of the file

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01-01-2013, 06:53 PM
If its not the cable.

Then my guess would be windows 8.. RSD lite might not be optimized for the huge changes that came in it, yet.

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