View Full Version : Thanksgiving is almost here

11-17-2012, 11:11 PM
Thanksgiving is almost here. Its the time of year to eat to your hearts content, watch the football game, spend time with family, but most importantly, give thanks to what you have that others might not. I personally don't understand why football has to be played on Thanksgiving or Xmas day, when that should be a day to spend with family. I prefer socializing with family rather than watch football, because being with family is more important. My family will celebrate Thanksgiving in the Does household this year. To me I am thankful for my parrots, my sweet little DROIDX's, and the little that I have. Many people want more and more materialistic things, but I honestly don't need fancy clothes, a car, fancy jewelry or lots,of cold hard cash. I am perfectly happy with my 2 DROIDX's, my Droid tablet, my DROIDX clothes that I put DROIDX's logo on , myself, my DROIDX jewelry, my volunteer job at Verizon, the basic things everyone should have which is food, shelter and enough money to pay bills and also I'm thankful for DXF. I am thankful to have the wonderful friends I,have on here who I've learned so much about my DROIDX's and without you guys, I never would've learned how to root and do all that fancy stuff I've done to my X's and also I'm thankful for Motorola for making the DX. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving and please make sure to drink responsibly and drive safely, because I want everyone to stay safe,

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