View Full Version : Where can one go to get spare parts?

11-11-2012, 02:54 PM
Note - My Droid X devices are now just spare WiFi media devices. I have two Droid X devices both rooted and running 4.5.605.Accurate_Battery (2.3.3 Android).

Within both devices I repaired the power button. There is a L shaped bracket that holds the power button switch. I just needed to bend that bracket back where it belongs.

One device that has WiFi problems has a good Camera button. The other device that has good WiFi has a camera button that went bad. So I switched out the good switch from the device that has WiFi problem to the other device with better WiFi. What I like to do is find a spare camera switch for Droid X but don't know where to find.
So where do I find a spare Droid X camera switch?

I also have one bar WiFi connection from the Droid X device that has problems with WiFi. And the other Droid X, at the same place, has all bars for WiFi. How to fix or replace the WiFi antenna within the Droid X that has WiFi problems?

Need Camera button if I am going to flash ROM within Bootstrapper Reboot Recovery in the future with the bad WiFi device. Although I could and did just switched the good switch back and forth between the two deviec to flash ROM within Bootstrapper Reboot Recovery, it is better to have good switchs within both devices.
And without using WiFi the WiFi problem Droid X Device usage is very limited. So if I can fix the WiFi antenna problem then that WiFi problem device becomes very useful.

11-12-2012, 12:26 PM
I found this site for spare Droid X parts.
Verizon Droid X Parts | Android Motorola MB810 Cell Phone Repair Parts & Accessories CellularDR.com
They have the camera switch for $15.00. Sweet.

Has anyone repaired WiFi on their Droid X?