View Full Version : Need help choosing a ROM.

11-11-2012, 11:47 AM
Hello there, Wazzzz up here. I bough a DROID X about a week ago, it was on .620 or .621 don't remember. I did the thing where you boot from the live CD(I am not new to flashing ROM's, but I am to this phone so don't remember the names of the exploits or mods). It rooted it for me, I installed CM9, and I like it, however there are a few things I do not like. This phone seems really complicated to mod, if I want to downgrade to CM7, can I just flash it through CWM or are the steps I must fallow?

Now for recommendations, I do not have Verizon Wireless, and only intend on using this phone for games etc. I am looking for a ROM with good battery life, a good camera, and the has working HDMI. All I really need it that and Wi-Fi. Any recommendation?

I am not new to flashing, I do have experience. If more steps are required, please post the link to the tutorial or the steps required.
Thank you for your time.