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11-09-2012, 06:43 PM
I've owned my device for some time now, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt burned by Moto's decision not to update it to ICS. So recently (after spending some time watching countless videos and reading hundreds of posts on the matter) I decided to buck up and rooted my device. Though not my first foray into rooting, it was my first attempt at flashing any sort of rom. I attempted liberty first and had success with it, but after a week or so of using it I grew tired of it rather quickly. Though quite stable, honestly if I was going to remain on Gingerbread I'd just stick with stock (my X2 doesn't seem to have alot of the more notorious issues the device has become infamous for, so staying stock doesn't bother me when it comes right down to it). So I decided after experiencing ICS for the first time CM9 had to be flashed. After successfully flashing it I experienced a lot of force closes, reboots and some of the most horrendous music cracking and popping I've ever heard. Keep in mind I had it Supercharged as well. Figuring it was a lost cause, I restored my stock rom and remained on it until CM10 rolled around. So far it seems to run much MUCH smoother than CM9, but there are some puzzling oddities about it that hold it back from becoming my daily (which sucks because it has some mad potential for it). That being said, I've read plenty of glowing reviews for both of the above roms and I can't help but wonder if its me or there's some workarounds I've missed out on. With CM10 my main issues no Chrome yet, music skips terribly, strange homescreen stutters and hang ups, email and Facebook force closings. The last two issues are the worst for me, as both are essentials in my day-to-day usage of the phone. Are there any helpful tips or known work-arounds for the above issues anyone knows of? I've done all of the routine "cleaning house" techniques (cache clean-up, factory resets, clean flashes, etc...) but still no luck. Any advice on how to make my phone really soar with CM10?

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11-09-2012, 09:49 PM
CM10 itself should be left alone. Dragonzkiller (the developer) has included what is needed to make it run best for us. It isn't a good idea to run any sort of scripts over top of it (if you are.) The email/force close issues are known problems. We have a locked bootloader so we can not flash the proper kernel/drivers... He is currently working on an updated release but unfortunately without kexec (which is closer than ever) or an unlocked bootloader some issues may never be resolved. All of that being said CM10 is much more stable for us than CM9 is.

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