View Full Version : Do you name your smartphone/tablet?

10-23-2012, 02:06 AM
Smartphones are very popular, especially Droids, and some people are so attached to them that they name them just like their children or pets. What do you name your smartphone or tablet?
To start I name my DROIDX, Xaria, but I also call her X, Xena is my other Droid that my mother gave me
And Xy is my Acer Iconia A500. Xaria is named after a baby I saw being born in a home birth video on YouTube, which I fell in love with that name, Xena is named after the warrior princess and Xy is named after the DROID Xyboard. I know this is off topic but my Amazon parrot Nani was named because her name means beautiful in Hawaiian and at the tone I wanted her to have a Hawaiian name, and Dudley is named after a character from an old tv show. He actually is a cuddly Dudley. And a bitey Dudley too. I mentioned my birds because I consider them as feathered Droids.
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