View Full Version : Go from Cyanogenmod 9 to Liberty 3 v2 and correct recovery process?

09-16-2012, 09:54 AM
Hi everyone. I'm still rockin my dinosaur Droid X on Page Plus Wireless. I'm on the .605 GB kernal. I was on CM7 Pooka. Now I'm on CM9 x13thangel. CM9 is cool but I want full functionality back. I would like to install Liberty 3.0 v2 which is a 1st init rom. CM7 and CM9 are both 2nd init so I've been using CWM recovery 2nd init. My question is when do I install the 1st init CWM? After I install Liberty or before? If after, do I use d2 bootstrap or just flash 1st init CWM using Rom Manager once I'm booted into Libery. Or can I just leave the 2nd init CWM alone and use that?