View Full Version : I apologize for the confusion

09-04-2012, 05:11 AM
I apologize for confusing anyone by saying I'm a Dev. I am working on an app however, I am not doing it thru eclipse. I have no XML/HTML Xperience, therefore I have found a way to work on apps without having to have coding Xperience. There's a program called App Inventor which is designed for anyone who has no coding Xperience. It works thru the web browser on your computer. I find it easier. I find coding to be Xtremely difficult because I am somewhat legally blind and am unable to read small writing or the kind of character combinations that source code is written in. Even correction cannot help very much. My poor eyesight makes doing alot of things difficult which is why I chose the X. It's one of the main reasons. I'm able to see the X without correction but not an iPhone. But that's why I use app inventor. I think it's a project that was implemented by Google, but I'm not sure.

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