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08-11-2012, 01:24 PM
Phone: Milestone X (duh) :big smile:
System Version:4.5.604.MB809.ACG-Alltel.en.US
Kernel: mcbk83@ilnxdroid08#1

Now thats out of the way,its rooted with super one click.Using metamorph i changed 3g,1x, notification bar,signal and battery. and have had no problems. A few days ago while using it it started to lag.So i did a battery pull,replaced it waited a couple min and fired it back up...... And no connection what so ever, no 3g 1x data blah blah. The bars are empty with an x above them and no service displyed on screen....has anyone had this problem,or know of a possible solution? It's not in airplane mode data roaming is turned on. It shows unknown for MIN,MEID,mobiloe network type. And 0 dbm,asu. I have tried *228 and even ##program it says spc passcode is invalid.Will flashing sbf remendy this(possibly?).To me it seems the os is not detecting the radio?? also ive searched this forum as well as the net,and con not find any info close to this problem.Thanks in advance