View Full Version : Changing the voice commands app within rooted stock ROM

08-11-2012, 10:47 AM
I got a Blueant T1 headset (the most baby-proof one I could find, she pulled my Moto Oasis out of ear and snapped it in seconds). The Blueant has it's own built in commands and gives messages via it's internal firmware. I can change the default app for a Bluetooth button press to a personal assistant app, it works-but the Blueant annoyingly announces that the feature is not supported on the phone while I am using the app. It does not do this for the stock voice command app. The stock voice command app on DX2 really bites-best case scenario I would like the Bluetooth button to simply use Google voice search. I tried freezing both the stock voice commands and Google voice search with Titanium Backup, then unfreezing the Google and pressing the Bluetooth button, but the ROM will not direct a Bluetooth press to Google as a default Bluetooth app. Where can I hack the stock ROM to believe that another app occupies the system voice command function that the crappy stock voice commands occupies now?

08-13-2012, 12:59 PM
Really? Nothing? I was hoping for some quick redirect in a config file. Ugh...do I have time to learn how to build my own ROM? Nope, I just deal with it. Not sure whether to deal with the stock voice commands which force prefect pronunciation on the full contact name and which number you want or my bluetooth telling me that I not using voice commands while I'm using them :(

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