View Full Version : CM7 for Gingerbread or Froyo Kernal?

06-28-2012, 10:48 PM
I have not been on the nightlies in months, or even on the froyo kernal. which is a better way to go, unofficial on GB or official on Froyo? What are the real differences?

06-28-2012, 11:14 PM
I personally would go cm9 on GB kernel hahah

But for cm7 go GB kernel, much better in battery life in my opinion.


Nemo aeternamn
06-28-2012, 11:15 PM
unoffical gb is better... it's on the updated kernel for better battery life... with pretty much everything worked out... it's pure aosp cyanogen... along with stuff like hdmi/radio and everything integrated... i actually just got my sister(who is not very tech savy) set up on it... and she loves it...
the official is... kinda out dated... they never updated to the gb kernel... they meant too... but never did... and it's just cm7.. it's still good... but it's just on older firmware

06-29-2012, 12:00 AM
Long story short:

Basically Cyanogen never pushed the updated device trees and whatnot through gerrit. This is probably because the DX is so similar to the D2/D2G, so pushing one device through basically necessitates pushing three devices through, which is a pain. And there is really no point, as they were well aware that unofficial builds were going on on the GB kernel, so they just never bothered as they knew someone else was picking up the slack basically (makes Cyanogen sound like a not-so-good developer, in reality they are, you just have to keep in mind they are maintaining dozens of devices, by the time the DX got GB it was a year old... lots more devices out at that point they were more focused on - that's why the open-source it for unofficials as well).

Anyways, as was mentioned before, GB over Froyo, hands down. Everytime. There is no benefits to the Froyo version. I'm pretty sure its even on the older 2nd-init binary (so the green light while charging, etc.) it also has issues with the FM radio, and no HDMI-out, among others. All of this works on GB. Basically the officials are just merging the actual CM changes into it automatically, the unofficials on GB have been optimized and customized specifically for our phones, so they can get things working with the firmware and hardware that is specific to our phones that Cyanogenmod as a whole never got around to. (FM Radio, HDMI, etc.... as discussed already) also fixes to make it more stable on our hardware. (2nd-init fixes, etc.)