View Full Version : Vehicle Tracking For Your Business; 3CX Mobile Device Manager Handles That for You

06-19-2012, 02:45 PM

GPS tracking is now readily available, and more and more businesses are starting to use it in their daily operations for things such as vehicle tracking.

With vehicle tracking, you are able to see where your employees are at any time, and view the routes they have taken. Being able to find and track vehicles means that you can see whether your employees are taking the most efficient routes to call outs and that the company car isnít being used for personal errands. Many businesses have benefitted from streamlining routes and lowering the amount of time employees spend driving on the road. It means lower costs, lower stress levels for drivers, and increased productivity.

With 3CX Mobile Device Manager, you can see the locations of vehicles at any time via Google Maps in the online dashboard. Another useful advantage of this is being able to reroute an employee Ė if a customer calls up in need of urgent assistance, itís easy to see which employee is closer, redirect them, and improve customer service.

Vehicle tracking also makes it easy to get employees to their destinations. As you can see where they are, itís easy to give them directions if they get lost. You can click on a location on Google Maps and send it a message. When your driver opens the message on his mobile device, their Google Maps app shows them exactly where they need to go.

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Source: 3CX (https://signup.mobiledevicemanager.com/)