View Full Version : "Modded" .621 Problems

06-09-2012, 12:27 AM
Hello, I Have two questions:

1. I SBF'd to Froyo, rooted, then flashed the .15p radio. For some reason this updated me to GB. Was it supposed to update me to GB, or keep me on Froyo?

2. After that I thought "oh well whatever" and decided to flash the "modified" .621 I downloaded from Rootz Wiki. After doing that I'm having a problem where my X is sending text messages to the wrong person. It says the persons name at the top of the message that I was trying to text, but it goes to someone totally different. I thought this was an old 2.2.1 problem that was fixed with 2.3.4? This was with a third party messaging app. I haven't tried it with the stock app yet. Has anyone else had this happen? I never had this problem when I was on standard .605/rooted .605/ICS ROMs.