View Full Version : Problems with forced update to 4.5.621 on a previously rooted Droid X

06-02-2012, 09:17 PM

As the title states, I previously rooted my Droid X before the .621 update in order to use the zmooth app as a replacement for my hard buttons that no longer work. I used Pete's 1-click method found on the rootzwiki page to root. The problems began when I updated to .621 by accident.

My droid x didn't brick. However, I have lost the back function of the zmooth app and I no longer can use any of my media functions (audio/video players) or my camera app.

Now I've read the PA on the .621 updates and how one can root it. However, Goose306's post didn't specify how to unroot the droid x for my particular situation (rooted beforehand than update to .651). Any information regarding if un-rooting for my situation is possible? Also does Goose306 method of rooting require the use of my 4 hard buttons? I only have use of my farthest left and right hard buttons so having to navigate apps and my homescreens is quite difficult without zmooth.

I'm not that tech sauvy so any help is greatly appreciated. I can follow directions but would love some input on my particular situation!