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05-29-2012, 07:44 AM
I have an issue with my old X. I've gone thru the forum for charging issues, but none seem to fit my problem. I've also upgraded to an X2 so this is something that's not a major rush, just want to see if there's a fix so I can maybe give my X to my sister.

Any hoo......my X will not charge. I've plugged in using wall charger, car charger, and computer usb. All of my chargers are original motorolas that came with the phone. The phone will say it's charging, but hours later the charge level does not increase. I've even checked the battery by charging it in my X2 with no problems. I'm beginning to think that the issue is actually the phone, but that's just an uneducated guess. Is there a way to check and see if the phone charging connectors are good, or whatever?

The X is stock and currently not being used. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

05-29-2012, 01:49 PM
It may be that the charging port is shot. There could be a couple other things. You may try to do a factory reset on it. It could also be the battery. I'm pretty sure the x2 has the same battery so you could throw the battery from your X2 into your X and see if it charges normally. If it charges fine with the newer battery then you just need to pick up a new battery which can be found for cheap online.

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