View Full Version : Ebay Cheap Hard Rubberized Case Review

08-24-2010, 12:47 PM
I would like to share my brutally honest thoughts on the cheap chinese rubberized hard case for the Droid X.

First Id like to say that I purchased 4 cases from Lightening Case on the Ebay website. I purchased them from the same ad which had a white case but I had checked to see if they sold other colors so I wrote to them stating that I wanted 1 white, 1 black, 1 red, and 1 light blue. Though they are not the cheapest I figured that since they were in California like me they'd be able to ship it quick. Unfortunately though they are only 1 shipping day away from me the package arrived almost 2 weeks after I ordered it and instead of getting any of the colors I asked for I simply got white. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

As for the case I am also disappointed with it too, though its a hard case its quite thin and flimsy. The brand packaging that it came it states it as made by "Z1zo" or "ZIZO" or ZLZO" and states that its a "Quality Accessory". My complaints with the case are as follows...

-VERY thin ABS plastic, very flexible.
-The case does not align well, it has a sharp edge on one side
-The rubber coating is barely there, its not at all like the droid x coating, it almost feels like its not there its that unnoticeable.
-The buttons are a bit harder to press with it on.
-It is very difficult to remove, partly due to it being so flexible, you can bend it alot before it pops off which is quite disconcerting.
-Its quite ugly in my opinion

Its flat finish isnt too flashy.

Here are some pix


For the reasons stated above I am making my own droid X case out of Poly Urethane.