View Full Version : roadster ssues

05-21-2012, 08:21 PM
All of a sudden my Droidx pairs and connects as always to my Roadster "hands free" unit (confirmed by the Roadster and the DroidX Blue Tooth settings) but although my Navigation audio works through the Roadster, my phone doesn't. It has worked flawlessly for over a year now and this just happened last week. Motospeak has been installed and working with the phone for months without issues. When I hit the button on the Roadster to make a voice activated call, I get the beep that always occurred in the past when the devices were not connected. Once again, the Roadster confirms that the Droidx is connected and as i said the google nav application step by step directions speak come through the Roadster. I have not instlled any new apps in the last few months, so that should not be a problem. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be appreciated.