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04-24-2012, 11:09 PM
I have a rooted Droid X and just recently (last two weeks or so) it has started shutting down on its own. Sometimes if I press the power button it will reboot again, however most of the time I have to take out the battery for 30 seconds, replace it and then it will reboot. The phone is almots two years old and I will be eligible for an upgrade in June. Is it possibly the battery getting ready to go south or just the Droid X becoming weird. The Droid has been rooted for well over a year with no problems.

The system version is 2.3.340MB810

Android version 2.2.1

thanks for any help.

04-25-2012, 08:08 AM
Well.. Theres something that can fix it. and put you on the newest (well put you on Gingerbread).
But first try this.

1. Power off the phone
2. Hold the home button and the power button to turn on
3. Let go of power button
4. at the exclamation point let go of home and click the search button.
5. then use the up and down volume keys to go to wipe cache partition
6. use the camera button to select it
7. go to yes then select it and reboot.

^should fix it.