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04-20-2012, 06:07 AM

In my exploits of experimenting with ICS ROMs on my Droid-X, on rare occasions I might screw up my system and then need to restore from a nandroid backup. Problem is that I can not boot clockworkmod recovery from a powered down state, and at this point I can not boot the regular android operating system.

In this situation I need to go through the following lengthy process:
1. SBF to 621 on a windows PC
2. SBF to European firmware for the Milestone-X on a Linux PC (or using a Ubuntu Live CD)
3. root the European firmware
4. install clockworkmod for Droid 2
5. install Boot manager and update clockworkmod
6. boot into clockworkmod
7. restore the nandroid backup of my rooted 621 system, or other ROM'd system I have saved.

It would be so much simpler if I could just connect the Droid-X phone to a PC and boot the Droid-X into clockworkmod recovery - perhaps via ADB/Fastboot ?

I now have a new HTC Rezound phone with unlocked bootloader (from the $50 upgrade sale). With the Rezound there are ADB/Fastboot commands to boot the Rezound phone to any recovery.img file including clockworkmod or Ramon RA recovery. BTW, on HTC the Ramon RA recovery image is far more popular and has a menu item to root the phone. So, from the PC one can use Adb flash the new recovery, or simply to boot the phone to the recovery.img file without installing the recovery.img

So, I wonder if there is a way to do the equivalent on a Droid-X phone? I can not even find a clockworkmod recovery.img file to even attempt it. I also suspect the answer is negative, and this is only possible on the Rezound because of its unlocked bootloader.



04-20-2012, 06:22 AM
You can try these methods, none guaranteed

04-20-2012, 06:47 AM
You can try these methods, none guaranteed

Thanks HarleyDude,

But those methods do not work for me.
Best I can do is to boot into Motorola's recovery - and one can not do nandroid backup/restore from Motorola's stock recovery.

Perhaps those methods in the thread worked with older Motorola bootloaders and/or older versions of clockworkmod? I have the latest 621 Motorola bootloader.



P.S. This isn't really a big issue, because the Droid-X is not my everyday phone anymore, plus it is rare for the Droid-X to become unbootable after Roming.

04-20-2012, 07:07 AM
So what's the problem you are having? You need to boot up into cwm recovery from powered off state?

If you have the 2init rrecovery then all you have to do is plug your phone in when its turned off.


04-20-2012, 07:22 AM
Well, at the moment I have AOSP gummy installed, but even when I was rooted 621 I could never get into cwm recovery from a powered off state, I'd only be able to get into the Motorola stock recovery.

For CWM recovery I'd need to be booted into 621 (or gummy) and ask to reboot into recovery.

Edit: OK, I restored my rooted 621 nandroid backup. Booted it, ran Rom Manager and asked for Droid-X 2nd init to be installed. Shutdown the droid-x. plugged in the power cable, and It boots up to show the picture of a battery being charged.

04-21-2012, 06:31 AM

I found two solutions:

1. Using rooted 621 system:
o Install clockworkmod droid 2 recovery - market place / play store.
o Install clockworkmod recovery - DROID X 2nd init
o Power off the phone
o plug phone to micro-usb power cord
o wait for the picture of the battery charging
o long-press the power button
o clockworkmod recovery will boot up.

2. Cyanogenmod9 and for AOSP based ROMS like gummy, AOKP:
o Install HijackedBootmenu_CM9_1.1.5.zip
o Phone is powered off
o plug phone to micro-usb power cord
o watch for blue light to come on and then press volume-down button
The blue light will flash for less than one second.
Another option is just to repeatedly press volume-down button while seeing the motorola ball during booting.
o from the menu one can select clockworkmod or another recovery program
(I assume clockworkmod needs to have been installed prior to installing the hijack zip file)