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04-13-2012, 02:00 PM
Hello RS,

I've mostly been a lurker but after bricking my phone yesterday trying to go to ics rom and after trying every possible solution I could find, I come to you for help. And yes, please get all the head smacks about another phone bricked b/c of lack of research prior on compatability now. I did that for 2 hours straight last night.

Before I get into what I did yesterday, let me give you some prior possibly helpful info.

It is a little over an year old and a week into getting it, I had it rooted, had cwm installed, and flashed darkslide rom.

model number - droidx
android version 2.2.1
build number darkslide v4.1
keyboard - flext9 text
Total space (sd) - 14.81gig Available (sd)- 10.46gig Internal available

Before trying to install ics or taking any steps about it, I backed up and had rom manager, titatnium backup pro, and mybackup pro installed. Since rooting and flashing an year ago, I haven't done anything else to my phone so I'm really bad being tech savvy with android phones. The following are apps tb emailed me as having; I'm not sure if it is relevant but I figured I would show anyway,

3G Mobile Hotspot 2.2.1 (com.motorola.mynet)
Account and Sync Settings 2.2.1 (com.android.providers.subscribedfeeds)
Accounts (com.keramidas.virtual.ACCOUNTS)
Accounts 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.setup)
Accounts Storage 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.setupprovider)
Admin Notifier 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.adminfeed)
Adobe Flash Player 11.1 (com.adobe.flashplayer)
Adobe Reader 10.1.1 (com.adobe.reader)
ADW.Launcher 1.3.6 Standalone (org.adw.launcher)
Alarm & Timer 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.alarmclock)
Amazon 1.4.0 (com.amazon.mShop.android)
Android keyboard 2.3 (com.android.inputmethod.latin)
Android Live Wallpapers 2.2.1 (com.android.wallpaper)
Application Widgets (com.keramidas.virtual.APP_WIDGETS)
Appstore release-2.1.0 (com.amazon.venezia)
ASTRO ASTRO_3.1.342.std (com.metago.astro)
AtCommandService 1.1 (com.motorola.atcmd)
Backup Assistant 2.2.1 (com.motorola.android.buacontactadapter)
Backup Assistant 1.0 (com.motorola.BackupAssistanceClient)
baconreader 1.35 (com.onelouder.baconreader)
Bank of America 3.2.181 (com.infonow.bofa)
Barnacle Wifi Tether 0.6.7 (evo) (net.szym.barnacle)
Battery Manager 1.1 (com.motorola.batterymanager)
Bible 3.3 (com.sirma.mobile.bible.android)
Bluetooth Pairings (com.keramidas.virtual.BLUETOOTH_PAIRINGS)
Bluetooth Share 2.2.1 (com.android.bluetooth)
BluetoothDun 1.0 (com.motorola.bluetoothdun)
blur.res 2.2.1 (blur.res)
Browser 2.2.1 (com.android.browser)
Calculator 2.2.1 (com.android.calculator2)
Calendar 2.2.1 (com.android.calendar)
Calendar Service 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.calendar.sync.activesync)
Calendar Storage 2.2.1 (com.android.providers.calendar)
Calendar Sync Adapter 2.2.1 (com.google.android.syncadapters.calendar)
Camera 2.2.1 (com.motorola.Camera)
Car Home 2.2 (com.android.cardock)
Car Home 2.2 (com.google.android.carhome)
Catan 2.1.4 (com.exozet.android.catan)
Certificate Installer 2.2.1 (com.android.certinstaller)
com.android.providers.applications 2.2.1 (com.android.providers.applications)
com.android.providers.userdictionary 2.2.1 (com.android.providers.userdictionary)
com.google.android.feedback 2.2.1 (com.google.android.feedback)
com.motorola.android.extdispservice 1.0.0 (com.motorola.android.extdispservice)
com.motorola.android.omadrm 2.2.1 (com.motorola.android.omadrm)
com.motorola.android.syncml.service 2.2.1 (com.motorola.android.syncml.service)
com.motorola.android.wmdrm.dla 1.0.0 (com.motorola.android.wmdrm.dla)
com.motorola.atcmd.plugin 2.2.1 (com.motorola.atcmd.plugin)
com.motorola.atcmd.plugin.att 2.2.1 (com.motorola.atcmd.plugin.att)
com.motorola.hiddenmenu 2.2.1 (com.motorola.hiddenmenu)
com.motorola.phoneaddons 2.2.1 (com.motorola.phoneaddons)
com.motorola.photowidget 2.2.1 (com.motorola.photowidget)
Compass Calibrator 2.2.1 (com.motorola.CompassCalibrate)
Contacts 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.contacts)
Contacts Storage 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.providers.contacts)
Contacts Sync 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.contacts.sync)
Contacts Sync Adapter 2.2.1 (com.google.android.syncadapters.contacts)
ContactsData 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.contacts.data)
ContactsUnconnected 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.contacts.deferred)
Cool Down Mode 1.0.0 (com.android.batteryreport)
Country, Language, Time zone (com.keramidas.virtual.COUNTRY_LANG_TZ)
Craigslist 1.27 (com.duduapps.craigslistfree)
Data Manager 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.datamanager.app)
Data Manager Service 1.1 (com.motorola.android.datamanager)
Date and Time 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.home.clock)
dealnews 1.2 (com.dealnews.android.ui)
Desk Home 2.2.1 (com.motorola.dlauncher)
Dialer 2.2.1 (com.android.phone)
Dialer Storage 2.2.1 (com.android.providers.telephony)
DLNA 0709.68 (com.motorola.Dlna)
DlnaSystemService 1.0 (com.motorola.android.dlnasystemservice)
DMService 1.0.0 (com.motorola.android.dm.service)
Dolphin Browser HD 7.3.0 (mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser)
Dota Cheatsheet Lite 1.5 (com.dotacheatsheet)
Download Manager 2.2.1 (com.android.providers.downloads)
DRM Protected Content Storage 2.2.1 (com.android.providers.drm)
Droid Eye 1.0 (com.motorola.cxd.droideye)
Droid X Bootstrapper (com.koushikdutta.droidx.bootstrap)
Dropbox 2.0.1 (com.dropbox.android)
Easy Uninstaller 1.2.2 (mobi.infolife.uninstaller)
eBay (com.ebay.mobile)
Email 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.email)
Email Engine 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.service.email)
Evernote 3.5.1 (com.evernote)
Facebook 1.8.4 (com.facebook.katana)
Files 2.2.1 (com.motorola.filemanager)
FirewallService 1.0.0 (com.motorola.android.FirewallService)
FlexT9 Text Input (com.nuance.flext9.input)
FlightView Free 1.5.2 (com.flightview.flightview_free)
FM Radio 2.2.1 (com.motorola.fmradio)
FMRadioService 2.2.1 (com.motorola.android.fmradio)
FOTA 2.2.1 (com.motorola.android.fota)
Gallery 2.2.1 (com.motorola.gallery)
Gilt 2.0.4 (com.gilt.android)
Gin Rummy 2.1 (com.tesseractmobile.ginrummy)
Global Unplug 1.0 (com.motorola.globalunplug)
Gmail 2.3.6 (com.google.android.gm (http://com.google.android.gm/))
Google Backup Transport 2.2.1 (com.google.android.backup)
Google Partner Setup 2.2.1 (com.google.android.partnersetup)
Google Play Store 3.5.16 (com.android.vending)
Google Search (com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox)
Google Services Framework 2.2.1 (com.google.android.gsf)
Google+ 1.0.5 (com.google.android.apps.plus)
Groupon 1.5 (v1354) (com.groupon)
GTunes Music 3.8.6 (com.luke.wood.gp (http://com.luke.wood.gp/))
Home 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.home)
Hot Billboard 1.1.3 (com.kmj.BillboardChart)
HTML Viewer 2.2.1 (com.android.htmlviewer)
iFitness 1.9 (com.medicalproductions.ifitness)
IMDb 2.6.0 (com.imdb.mobile)
imgur for Android 4.0.2 (com.imgurforandroid)
JuiceDefender 3.5.6 (com.latedroid.juicedefender)
KakaoTalk 2.3.1 (com.kakao.talk)
KAYAK 5.0.2 (com.kayak.android)
Khan Academy 1.2 (com.khanacademy)
LauncherPro 0.8.6 (com.fede.launcher)
LED Light 1.2.0 (jp.picolyl.led_light)
Live Wallpaper Picker 2.2.1 (com.android.wallpaper.livepicker)
LivingSocial 1.4.4 (com.livingsocial.www)
LocationProxyDmPlugin 2.2.1 (com.motorola.android.locationproxy.dm (http://com.motorola.android.locationproxy.dm/))
Lookout 7.8-96e2110 (com.lookout)
Madden NFL 11 1017 (com.ea.game.madden10)
Magic Smoke Wallpapers 2.2.1 (com.android.magicsmoke)
Maps 6.5.0 (com.google.android.apps.maps)
Market Updater 1.0 (com.android.vending.updater)
Master Clear Error Reporter 2.2.1 (com.motorola.android.recovery)
Media audio Effects 2.2.1 (com.motorola.android.AudioEffectSettings)
Media Container Service 2.2.1 (com.android.defcontainer)
Media Storage 2.2.1 (com.android.providers.media)
MediaShare 1.0.0 (com.motorola.homesync)
MediaSync 1.0.0 (com.motorola.mediasync)
Messages 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.home.message)
Messaging 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.messaging)
Mobile Metronome 1.2.4 (gabriel.metronome)
MotoLocate 2.2.1 (com.motorola.location)
Motorola Services 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.service.blur)
Motorola Storage Monitor 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.service.storagemon)
MtlrDialog 1.0.0 (com.motorola.android.mtlr)
Music 2.2.1 (com.android.music)
Music Visualization Wallpapers 2.2.1 (com.android.musicvis)
My Uploads 1.5.9 (com.google.android.apps.uploader)
My Verizon Mobile 5.0 (com.vzw.hss.myverizon)
MyBackup Pro 2.7.7 (com.rerware.android.MyBackupPro)
Netflix 1.7.1 build 532 (com.netflix.mediaclient)
Network Location 2.2.1 (com.google.android.location)
News 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.news)
News and Weather 1.3.01 (com.google.android.apps.genie.geniewidget)
NFL Mobile 5.8 (com.mobitv.client.nfl2010)
OMA Client Provisioning 1.0.0 (com.motorola.android.provisioning)
OMA Download 2.2.1 (com.motorola.android.omadownload)
Opera Mini 7.0.1 (com.opera.mini.android)
Package installer 2.2.1 (com.android.packageinstaller)
Pandora 1.5.16 (com.pandora.android)
PGM System 2.2.1 (com.motorola.pgmsystem)
Photo Workshop (com.arcsoft.photoworkshop)
Pico TTS 1.0 (com.svox.pico)
Plan B 1.1 (com.lookout.labs.planb)
Pocket Auctions for eBay 2.35 (com.bonfiremedia.android_ebay)
Policy Manager Service 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.policymgr.service)
Policy Manager Service 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.policymgr.provider)
Print to Retail 1.0 (com.motorola.photochannel.android)
Programming Menu 2.2.1 (com.motorola.programmenu)
QR Droid 5.0 (la.droid.qr)
Quick Contact 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.quickcontact)
Quick Settings (com.bwx.bequick)
Quickoffice 3.3.49 - Motorola (com.qo.android.moto)
Rage Faces 1.8.1 (com.idunnolol.ragefaces)
reddit is fun (com.andrewshu.android.reddit)
Reddit News 3.31 (reddit.news)
Rich Clipboard 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.richtext)
ROM Manager (com.koushikdutta.rommanager)
Scoutmob 1.3.14 (com.scoutmob.ile)
SDMService 1.0 (com.motorola.android.sdm)
SetCPU (com.mhuang.overclocking)
Settings 2.2.1 (com.android.settings)
Settings Storage 2.2.1 (com.android.providers.settings)
Settings Storage 2.2.1 (com.motorola.android.providers.settings)
Setup Wizard 1.3 (com.android.setupwizard)
Shazam 3.9.0-BB73851 (com.shazam.android)
SIM Toolkit 2.2.1 (com.android.stk)
Skype (com.skype.raider)
SlideMe 1.3.0 (incentivelabs.slideMe)
Social Messaging 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.socialmessaging)
Social Messaging Service 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.service.snmessaging.engine)
Social Networking 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.friendfeed)
Social Sharing 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.socialshare)
Social Status 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.home.status)
Sound Recorder 2.2.1 (com.android.soundrecorder)
Spare Parts 2.2.1 (com.android.spare_parts)
Sticky Note 2.2.1 (com.motorola.stickynote)
Street View (com.google.android.street)
Superflashcard - MCAT 1.4 (com.bh.superflashcard.mcat.android)
SwiftKey X (com.touchtype.swiftkey)
SwiFTP 1.24 (org.swiftp)
Swype (com.swype.android.inputmethod)
Sync Service 1.5.7 (com.fusionone.android.sync.service)
Talk 1.3 (com.google.android.talk)
Task Manager 1.0 (com.motorola.PerformanceManager)
Terminal Emulator 1.0.41 (jackpal.androidterm)
Terminal Emulator 2.2.1 (com.android.term)
Text Messaging 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.conversations)
The Weather Channel 3.6.0 (com.weather.Weather)
Titanium Backup PRO 1.2.0 (com.keramidas.TitaniumBackupPro)
Toggle Widgets 2.2.1 (com.motorola.togglewidgets)
TTS Service 2.2.1 (android.tts)
Universal Inbox 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.messaging.universal)
Updater 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.updater)
Upgrader 1.0.0 (com.motorola.Upgrader)
Urban Dictionary 4.2 (com.citc.ud)
Urbanspoon 2.1.8 (com.urbanspoon)
usb 1.1 (com.motorola.usb)
VClipboard 1.0 (com.motorola.vclipboard)
Video Editor Lite 1.0 (com.arcsoft.videoeditorlite)
Video Player 2.2.1 (com.motorola.videoplayer)
Visualization 1.0 (com.motorola.visualization)
Voice Commands (com.nuance.android.vsuite.vsuiteapp)
Voice Readouts 1.0.2 (com.mot.readout)
Voice Search 2.1.4 (com.google.android.voicesearch)
Voicemail 1.1 (com.motorola.vvm)
VPN Services 2.2.1 (com.android.server.vpn)
Wallpaper (com.keramidas.virtual.WALLPAPER)
Weather 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.weather)
Weather & Toggle Widgets 7.17 (com.androidapps.widget.weather2)
Where's My Water? 1.3.6 (com.disney.WMW)
Wi-Fi Access Points (com.keramidas.virtual.WIFI_AP_LIST)
Wireless Tether 2.0.7 (android.tether)
WmdrmPushReciever 1.0 (com.motorola.android.wmdrm.webpush)
Work Contacts 2.2.1 (com.motorola.blur.contacts.sync.activesync)
XKCyanide 2.0 (com.habosa.xckdreader)
Yelp 2.9.9 (com.yelp.android)
YouTube 2.1.6 (com.google.android.youtube)
Zoom Mode 1.0.2 (com.motorola.zoom)

With that all being said, I followed the instructions on -[ROM][AOSP][4.0.3][CDMA] Gummy 0.9.0 – 03/24/12 – The Remodel! | DroidModderX (http://droidmodderx.com/galaxynexus/romaosp4-0-3cdma-gummynex-0-1-0). It was going fine and the issue happened after rebooting in the last step.

It got stuck on the motorola logo and nothing gets me out of it. No amount of waiting or button combos. This meant I could only do something to get out of it before.

What I've tried thus far:

Taking battery and sd card out for 15+minutes before putting it in and trying.

Pressing power and home, then releasing power takes me to the exclamation/triangle screen. From there pressing search button takes me to the android system recovery (3e) blue screen. I've wiped data/factory reset, wiped cache partition and pressed reboot system now, and it ends up with me on the m screen with no difference.

apply sdcard:update.zip ends up with failed to verify signature and isntallation aborted. On the bottom it says E: Can't open /cache/recovery/command.

What can I do next RS?

Nemo aeternamn
04-13-2012, 02:09 PM
You need to sbf... We have some great links... I have one in my signature
The problem you had us darkslide is a froyo rom... And you need to be on ginger bread... Because of the kernel...
So no biggie.. Just sbf to 602... Root with a one click root like the Droid 3 one click root... Install bootstrap... Then you'll be radio for ics

"I'll get you my little pretty... and your little dog todo too"
"I don't even have a little dog todo"

04-13-2012, 03:03 PM
Thanks Nemo. I'll try using the Rsd Sbf on your signature. Do you know if any of my back ups or data will be recovered or recoverable with sbf after the back ups I made with the apps?

edt: oh and I'll let you know how it goes

2nd edit:

ok it's back to factory settings. is there any way I can get use my backups to get data back?

04-13-2012, 04:12 PM
If you used Titanium Backup or MyBackup to backup your apps you'll be able to redownload either of those two apps and restore as they backup everything to your SD card.