View Full Version : bootlooping, trying to restore

04-04-2012, 07:20 PM
sorry if i dont make sense, i'll try to explain everything so you can help. ok i had a vortex rom installed on my dx. i recently purchased a droid razr and i thought it would come with a 16 gb, but it didnt. so i took the one from my dx and formated it. i also erased everything on my dx. when i tried to restart my dx it would bootloop on vortex screen. so now im trying to restore it. i got a 2gb card in my dx now and i also got gb .602 sbf burned to a cd. now i know to sbf i need to go into bootloader screen, which i can get to on my dx(bootloader 30.04). but i dont really rember how to do it. i know i have to restart my pc with disc in. and be on bootloader. do i need to have anything on my memory card? sorry if i didnt make sense. if you need more info just ask. any help appreciated.:starstruck:

04-04-2012, 07:43 PM
Nah, you'll be OK. Restart the PC with the disk in, hold volume down while you power on to get into bootloader. There is a new 605 SBF, it has the root tools built right in so you can root right after SBF