View Full Version : Trident Cyclops II vs Aegis

03-19-2012, 06:47 PM
i'm about ready to trade my otterbox defender in for a kraken II. i work in construction and need as much protection as possible during the week. these cases do what they are intended for, but are large and hard to get in and out of the pocket. on the weekends, when i dont need as much protection, this is irritating. right now, i have an incipio for weekend use. but i like the looks of the cyclops II and aegis. but i can't really tell the difference. the only difference i can see from the pictures on the internet, are the polycarbonate shell on the outside. the aegis is solid in the back down the middle, but leaves the sides exposed. the cyclops II wraps the sides and leaves the middle exposed. is this the only difference? if so, is there really a difference in overall size and protection between the two?

04-05-2012, 08:10 PM
Thanks for posting info. on yet another option moondrius. I now have four cases to sell. The Otterbox Commuter, the Trident Aegis, the Trident Kraken 2, and the case I am currently using; the Casemate Barely There. The Casemate is a joke. It isn't good for anything other than scratch protection. I was hoping for better corner protection in the event of a drop.