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03-07-2012, 03:59 PM
I have SBFed back to stock twice now. I had the intentions of using CM7, however, after trying 2-3 times I can't get passed a boot loop. So decided to just go back to stock again since that is what I have been on since 2.3 was released. I am familiar with rooting, sbfing and roms and have used dozens of different ones in the past.

Even after SBFing I cannot get my issue to go away. My phone will often freeze up. Not allowing me to turn the screen on. If im listening to a podcast or music it will stop playing. Typically if my green notification light was blinking, it will continue to blink. There is no way to unfreeze my phone unless I do a battery pull. This seems to happen more often when my phone is connected to my car charger, but happens when it isnt plugged up as well. I'm unsure of what to do now as I will SBF to stock 2.3 and then download some of my apps back and will start happening right off the bat.

Also, my phone just seems to run incredibly slow even with minimal apps installed. It is frustrating and wondering if anyone has any ideas. I used the one root method that requires you to be tethered to a PC and it didn't seem to work to well. I have noticed my file system seems very odd. I'm unable to actually find the normal system files in my phone, and can only access my sdcard. When my bootstrapper starts up on phone boot it, it can take upwards of 2-3 minutes before the blue dialog box pops up saying it has gained root access. The phone will be extemely slow until it gets it.

Any ideas?

03-08-2012, 08:08 AM
Either sounds like an issue with your SU or binaries, or you have a bad app that is mucking up your phone. Tell me, have you tried SBFing to .602, rooted, (freezing the OTA updater so you don't get stuck on .621) and just left it alone to see how it acts by itself? That is the easiest way. For root you should be using Pete's Motorola Tools; it should reboot your phone 3 times, and it shouldn't take any longer than about 5 minutes. If its taking longer or seems to be hanging at certain steps likely your having some driver problems on your computer or you have a bad Pete's Motorola Tools. Also important - when you are doing things from PC to phone (root, SBF, etc.) are you using the OEM cable? When trying to flash over USB it is always recommended you use OEM cables. Aftermarkets are known to have issues with some people.

Your issue could potentially be hardware related, however I find that very unlikely. You stated you SBF to stock and then download some apps back and it happens. What apps are you referring to? I would think one of those is likely the culprit, it is probably eating up your CPU and not releasing control when not in use.

03-09-2012, 09:29 AM
I SBFed to the .602 and used Pete's Root method. I just rewiped everything and did a SBF and started fresh again. I've really only downloaded very few applications. The only root app installed in droid2bootstrapper. I have also given up on using titanium the last few SBFs in case it was the culprit. Though, the only way I used titanium was for apps and app data. Never used it for any system data or anything of that nature.

After this SBF the phone has definitely started running faster and smoother. I went all day yesterday without it locking up on a black screen. However, this morning it only took 5 minutes of listening to a podcast before it locked up. I was previously using BeyondPod and was having the major issues. However, it happened in pandora and other. So, this time I decided to give doggcatcher a try to see of i'd have better luck. So it froze it this morning in doggcatcher and I had never really used it before. So I don't think it is the streaming apps causing it.

The main apps I have instaled are most of googles,handcent, few ebook readers, dropbox, audiogalaxy, astrid, evernote and barcode scanner. The only other few apps that I have installed currently Im pretty sure havent caused it, as they have been uninstalled when this has happened.

I did just install an update to SU, but I'm thinking I might have had that intalled before.

I know when I had a similar problem with gummyjar and liberty, it was said to be caused by them setting the usable memory too low. Its been a long time, so I could be slightly wrong on that. I can't even remember the name of the setting or app you would have to go into to fix it. Where the phone didnt have enough allowed memory to be able to wake the phone. I wish I could remember the exacts, but its been a long time since I have messed with liberty or a rom based off gummyjar. As even using this fix to allow more memory did not totally cure it for me, and there was a decent amount of people who had the same issues. Almost seemed that there were certain droid Xs that did this regardless of how you installed the rom.

However, I had never had this issue on stock until gingerbread. Now I'm worried that I have no real place to go to avoid the issue. As if this happens on stock, i betting it will still happen on the roms based on this stock.

The big difference between my old liberty problems and my new one, is on liberty and gummyjar it would only freeze when I went to unlock the screen. It would be working fine, then when I would go to unlock it would just get stuck on the black screen, or you could see the screen, but it would just be very very dim. You would have to really look hard to see it. However, now my issue is different. It happens randomly without touching the phone.I notice it most when listening to music or podcasts as I do this for 4-5 hours a day. It becomes frustrating because I'm typically travelling for 3+ hours a day in my work so if this happens while driving it is an extreme pain. I have to do a battery pull and restart the phone for it to fix. A battery pull being required only seems to happen when i'm actively using it to audio, as it is the one thing I usually use that will have the screen turned off. This only happens when the screen is turned off that i've noticed. I have watched my phone randomly reboot when I am not even using it. Matter of fact, when I was writing my original post I looked over at my phone and it was in the middle of a reboot, and I hadn't touched my phone in atleast 10-15 minutes. So it could be rebooting on its own and I just never notice.

It is just so incredibly frustrating. Sadly my upgrade isn't until August(wife got the 1 year). I just pray Verizon gets a decent next phone in the upcoming wave. So far it saddens me that most of the bigger, newer phones are going to AT&T. I also highly doubt the Padfone will come to verizon as well with it being CDMA. Really wish US had a great GSM carrier that I could grandfather my unlimited plan into lol.

I've become so frustrated though, that I would be happy with 100% stock, unrooted, and just a handful of apps. Mainly my google apps, podcast app, pandora, dropbox and astrid. Could even give up astrid, podcast app and pandora if google would fix their tasks, listen and music apps. Google music would be really good with a pandora like feature, which when hearing a new song you like, being able to instantly buy it right then and there seamlessly. With listen, I hate having to manually go and find podcasts urls to add to it, especially with no web functionality to it.

03-09-2012, 09:38 AM
I didnt see you mention this, but did you wipe data after you sbf'd?

MIUI 2012.3.6

03-11-2012, 05:20 PM
I did.

04-30-2012, 03:26 AM
Just curious, did you ever find out what was wrong with your X? If so what was the problem? This sounds like a really good one for the RS. Where are they?

05-01-2012, 09:07 AM
I am still having this issue daily. Right now I am just praying I don't smash it into a wall before my upgrade. I don't think I will ever be able to use a Motorola phone after this nightmare. It randomly reboots, is incredibly slloooooow, and locks up constantly with either the screen black or incredibly dim.

It has gotten to the point where it is almost unusable for many of my daily functions. For example, if I call someone, it lags out and sometimes takes 2-3 minutes for it to actually unfreeze and make the call. Then once im connected it could take 10-15 seconds before I can actually make out what the person is saying because my phone isn't functioning properly. It often won't give me my notifications anymore and i'm not sure what this is caused by. It will give me some, but not all and often randomly misses them. I can sometimes have a missed call without ever having the phone ring. I don't know if this was because I got a call when the phone was rebooting without my knowledge or if it was caused by something else.

I have an LG Ally for a work phone, which is a horrible excuse for an android phone. It has a 600Mhz processor and 256mb of ram and it has been outperforming my droid x. I even have issues with the ally randomly rebooting when I close the slider, but only happens once every 2 weeks or so. Even with that being said, the Ally is clunky and does not switch between home screens smoothly, but it has been smoother than my droid x. I don't even remember what a smooth transition between a homescreen looks like any more. I refuse to use my wife's or friend's phones because I don't want to be reminded at home bad my droid x is performing. Almost every task I try to perform almost locks it up or causes a 5-10 second lag delay.

I've just about given up on it. I've wiped, SBF'd, checked md5 sums, and just about anything else I can think of multiple times. I work full time as an IT Director which also means i'm on call 24/7, as well as a full time student, which has left me with no time to tinker with my phone and try to get it running normally. This has also forced me into having to fight the urge with taking a hammer to this phone. I can even wipe, sbf, wipe and not install any apps and still after a day it is back to rebooting.

I have also noticed that no matter what I do, every nandroid backup I make will give me a md5 sum doesn't match error when I try to restore to one.

I have been using .602. I would like some suggestions on where you guys think I should go from here. If I try to go to say .621, would that even have a chance of fixing the issue? My finals will be over this week and I will finally have some time to work on getting this fixed. I'd love to get my issues fixed and be able to get into roms again, but atm this has killed roms for me as I still have not been able to get CM installed without bootloops.

Any help would be appreciated.