View Full Version : MP3 filetypes will not play as ringtone on DroidX2...SOMEtimes!!

02-23-2012, 08:23 PM
I've uploaded some custom MP3's to my media folder from my PC to my DroidX2 via a USB cable. Files are copied to Internal Storage>Media>Audio>Ringtones. (On my DroidX this folder was stored on my SD card) All files are uncorrupted MP3's and play correctly on my computer. Files are from a variety of sources. Some are DL from web, some from email attachments, and some are ones that I've created.

Once on my phone, some of the files will play correctly, some will play the currently selected default phone ringtone (regardless of the file I'm trying to play), and some will produce an error saying that the player does not support the filetype (depending on the app). This has been happening on both DroidX and DroidX2 ever since Gingerbread.

ANY thoughts on WHY these files will not consistantly play??
Are there variations in MP# filetypes?
Should they be converted to a preferred filetype?

02-24-2012, 09:48 AM
ive had that happen a bunch of times after i set the ringtone, if i turned my phone off when it came back on, randomly the ringotones would be reset and or not working period.. after i set it about 4 times and turned off a few times they finally stuck... not sure if that helps at all