View Full Version : Request]These Following Mods:

01-26-2012, 07:51 PM
Hi I tried getting the patch fix for cm7 which fixes hard keys from waking the device. Tried it and it aborted in installment. Then was gonna try the blurcamera cuz I like the blur camera better. But, the link was dead and didn't let me download it. One more mod wanted try but again link was dead. Was the 720p fix for video because the video doesn't seem true HD and my old videos that were taken on stock. (Get error if try)

So just 3 things I'd like to request a link to if works on this rom or for someone if ever have time to convert the one from cm7. Thanks if can help.

Just found out that this rom is dead lol.. Delete thread if need. I'll be flashing back to stock till suitable rom comes. Plus my wifi keeps losing signal on this..