View Full Version : Hard buttons not working and random volume ups and downs?

01-25-2012, 06:56 PM
So a few helped me out last night... this was what the original problem was. I was trying to sbf all day and get the phone to work and had many problems for hours. This is a brand new replacement through insurance and I have had it maybe 2 weeks not even. Didn't do a thing with it yet, not even rooting (was trying to last night) but I FINALLY got the sbf 602 with rsdlite to work... get the phone on and yeah read the title. Is there ANYTHING I can do? Really don't want to have to go through another replacement, this one costed 100 bucks and my current move hinders my internet use (have to use the internet at my fathers house while me and fiancee finish up the move). Stressful as you can imagine if you say my problems last night lol. Really hope there is something I can do myself without having to deal with ANOTHER replacement. Almost wish I would have stuck with a cracked screen lol. Good note though, it sbf'd fine...after the sbf it loaded into recovery and I did a system reboot and it went straight to adding accounts for backup assistant, email, etc...not the activate screen. This has been the worste 3 days of my droid x life :(