View Full Version : droid x flashed back to verizon but no 3g

01-19-2012, 09:33 PM
This is my first posting on any forum so bare with me. I have recently purchased a droid x with clean esn that was flashed to cricket. I did an .sbf to froyo, dialed *228 and got everything but data going. Not even a 3g symbol. Since then have flash gb .596 and .602, even used wifi and did an ota to .605 and still nothing. Have done option 1 and 2 on *228 and tried *22899, which I think is the same as option 1. I have read several forums of people having the same issue but everyone has seemed to fix it with the same methods I am trying. Any help would be much appreciated, because as of right now I am paying $30 a month for data that I can't use.