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01-05-2012, 01:00 AM
(Hope this isn't duplicated. I searched here and didn't find anything about this or anything like it)

For anyone into Anime and/or Manga, that is the rough translation for Noriyuki Kayama's "Hana no Android Gakuen"

And courtesy of cereal killer at droidforums.net, he posted this and I friggin love it!

My fave, I think is Sam Sung-chan.


Other fun links (also found in the above url) are:

(The link cereal killer posted)

(English translation for some of it)

(And this one where you can click the character to read a little bio about them)

Enjoy! I sure did. (Not to sound like a dirty old weird man)

And thanks, cereal killer, for this great heads up!!

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