View Full Version : WiFi Issues on Custom ROMs

11-10-2011, 07:58 AM
I have a Verizion Droid X. When I was running the stock ROM, I had no WiFi issues. Ever since I started rooting and ROMming, my WiFi signal is always low and the battery life is very bad if I leave WiFi connected. I stared out with CM7.1, and am now using Liquid ROM 3.1.

An example is that I always connected to my WiFi at work and had a full signal. Now, I have one bar and sometimes no bars. A co-worker sitting right next to me has a full signal. Another example is my home WLAN. I can be sitting right in front of the router and have one bar.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have reflashed both ROMs several times, I have re-rooted several times, and rebooting the phone does not appear to work. Is there a way to pull the WiFi-related files out of a stock ROM and use in the custom one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.