View Full Version : How do I Install Blur Sticky Note to my Apex 2.0RC4 Droid X?

10-31-2011, 09:06 PM
Just flashed over to Apex 2.0 RC4 and I want the Blur Sticky Note widget. I downloaded the widget from 2 different places and tried them both, but I cannot get the widget to show up. One .apk I downloaded from Fabulous' zip file that he created. I tried Fabulous' method using the Terminal Editor:

sys -rw
cp /sdcard/APKNAME.apk /system/app
chmod 755 /system/app/APKNAME.apk

and I tried this method I found:
download all .apks (and .odex if theres one along with the .apk) to your computer
connect DX to computer and make a folder on the sdcard named "backupapps" - use USB mass storage mode to drag and drop .apks. Sometimes, you need to extract the file if it downloads as a .zip file and sometimes you just need to rename it to .apk. to check, extract it and if there is anything else than the name of the app (like folders or files) then just rename it
disconnect from computer (after safely ejecting )
use root explorer to navigate to /sdcard/backupapps and choose 1 apk at a time and choose "move"
now, navigate to /system/app and click paste (if it tells you its read only, push the button in the top right to mount as R/W then paste)
after u moved it, click on the apk, and choose install.
now you have to change the permissions so it matches other system apps. after installing, long press the apk, choose Permissions and check the following

User: Read & Write
Group: Read
Others: Read

and now after a reboot u should be good to go. for apps with .odex files, you just have to move and change permissions, not install.

Neither method worked. FYI, the download from Fabulous was just the.
Do I copy both the apk and the odex to the system/app folder and set permissions on both? I tried just about everything.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.