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10-24-2011, 10:18 PM
So i've had my droid for about 2 months and I've got a good handle on rooting and flashing, but sometimes I feel like I'm doing more than i have too. I've since unlocked a few other motorolas for friends(including an Optimus T, was proud of that one), but i have some questions. These are more clarifications of well known procedures, but I'd like to know a bit more if some of you old-timers could clue me in.

When updating to a nightly build of the same type, are all apps and data lost?

When is it necessary to wipe all caches, and what is the reason behind it?

Using something like Titanium Backup, are all settings and apps restored perfectly?

Do performance apps such as JakesSnakeBite do anything truly useful, or is it just another toy to play with?

These are probably easily answered by some, but searching turned up either vague results, or conflicting ones. I'm welcome to any other useful information you'd be willing to share as well. I've been enjoying surfing these boards and tinkering with my DX.


10-24-2011, 10:25 PM
when you go into clockwork and select facotrt reset that will erase everything in the data folder of your SD card. Which is where all user apps are stored. But when flashing a nightly the only thing required to wipe is cache and dalvik.
Wiping cache is always a good idea. Cache is like stored memory (that's how I think about it) and whenever your store up so much its good to delete it because your phone will run faster and kick off some problems that have been happening.
Titanium backup is a great app, it will restore your apps and data. Restoring apps is good no harm done however back to the beginning you don't want to restore data because data of one rom doesn't play well with others. But you can restore app data wwhich is okay, for instance you are almost done with angry birds you flash a rom it will delete the data and yyou have to restart. That is ubless you restore app data. However the settings must be manually done.
And by performance app ill assume overclock because I'm not sure what that means haha. Buy overclocking is very useful because it makes the processor run faster making your phone keep up with what you are doing as soon as you do it. Then there's underclocking it will send less power to the processor allowing your battery to last much longer. But if you are meaning flashable mods I'm sorry but I'm not much into those. Not sure why just didn't do it when I first started and I'm perfectly happy with how my phone runs.

I hope this helped haha.

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