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10-19-2011, 11:50 AM
Ok so I'll start the thread out of need. After much time since March running many roms from blurless AOSP-style to 2nd-Init style, I've seen some greats, but have kept this burn to see just how good can stock GB BLUR run on the DX once rooted and tweaked.

Not surprising, most rooted folks have abandoned the blur to mostly blurless roms, so when looking I didn't find much in any one place on simply making "stock" GB .602 or .605 run smooth, fast and with good battery life. My thinking was things like "what's safe in 602/605 to freeze in Tibu" for example. Any and every facet of "stock GB blur rooted" performance. I should note this could pertain to any of the TBH builds, deodexed, etc. If it looks like blur, acts like blur, but runs like a scalded dog. That was the goal.

I'll add more to the Op post here as it rolls in to try to keep post 1 a good quick read source for established goodies, and will add items I've found when I can, including from other threads that appear to be safe and good advice. Feel free to chime on in. I'm hoping for pro's and dev's who'll find it interesting to lend their knowledge. All welcome of course.

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Simply, If you're running stock GB or a GB rom that is not a 2nd Init rom, the established norm is that you should run Droid 2 Bootstrapper rather than Droid X bootstrap. So... This is nothing new but putting here for quick reference. Disclaimer: I got this from a handful of fine folks here thank you, and a dozen restatements on the web.

If running Froyo, use DX Bootstrap
If running GB, use D2 Bootstrap
If running a 2nd-Init rom, Droid X 2nd Init. The rom typically provides bootstrap included, but in Rom Manager you can select Droid X 2nd Init

[FIX] Droid X GB Hard Key Lights Sensor (http://www.droidxforums.com/forum/gingerbread-development-hacking/23192-fix-droid-x-gb-hard-key-lights-sensor.html) Macpro88's cool find.
Alternative to the adjbrightness app that retains auto-brightness but kills hardkey lights:

What I have frozen in TiBu so far without adverse affects noticed...
Amazon MP3
Android Live Wallpapers
Apps (verizon bloat.. misleading)
Backup Assistant
Backup Assistant Client
[Bookmarks] Browser (I'm using Dolphin at the moment.. Seems to work well.. finally trying)
City ID (why oh why is this on our phones)
Emergency Alerts
Home screen tips
Media Share
Skype mobile
V Cast Media Manager
VZ Navigator

Q: Any way to run the blur widget functions manually from other than the blur widget itself?

10-22-2011, 02:53 PM
Added what I have so far frozen in .602 stock GB blur without any ill affects so far.
I'd certainly be interested in what others have frozen also that might improve performance. If it doesn't kill something I tend to use, I'd be glad to try it and post it up here as well to help create a good .602 safe-to-freeze list.
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