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10-13-2011, 06:19 PM
The Avengers (2012) Official Trailer

http://www.tools4movies.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/The-Avengers-2012-202x300.jpg (http://www.tools4movies.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/The-Avengers-2012.jpg)

Optimized for Froyo, Honeycomb & Gingerbread Android tablets and phones.

While working on this weeks newsletter (#25) I stumbled upon the trailer for the upcoming Avengers movie.

With Marvel doing a great job on their movies the last few years, with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America already released, The Avengers will combine them all into a single movie. Awesome !

http://www.tools4movies.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/The-Avengers-Trailer-Shot-Honeycomb-300x201.jpg (http://www.tools4movies.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/The-Avengers-Trailer-Shot-Honeycomb.jpg)

Anyway, people are always looking for a way to show-off their new gadget, so I converted the 1080 version of the trailer a couple of times using the HQ2 settings in DVD Catalyst 4.

The video files are optimized for playback using a hardware-enabled video player (the stock Gallery app, or “Video Player” will do just fine) and are streaming-enabled, meaning if you visit this page on your tablet/phone and tap the link, it will play while downloading. Do keep in mind that the quality of these files is very high, so I would recommend using WiFi for it. 4G might work as well, but with 3G you will be buffering a couple of times.

To give you the best playback experience, I converted the videos with "full-screen" enabled (power user > global settings > borders > remove borders from device) so the maximum viewing area of your device will be filled with the Avengers http://www.tools4movies.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

Here are the links:

Android 10″ Tablets, such as the Motorola Xoom, Toshiba Thrive, Asus Transformer, IBM Thinkpad Tablet, Acer A500 and more:

http://www.tools4movies.com/trailers/The_Avengers_trailer_10_fs_hq2.mp4 (http://www.tools4movies.com/trailers/The_Avengers_trailer_10_fs_hq2.mp4)

(the black menu bar in Honeycomb is permanent, so the video has a custom resolution to account for that)

Android 7″ Tablets, such as the Acer A100:

http://www.tools4movies.com/trailers/The_Avengers_trailer_7_fs_hq2.mp4 (http://www.tools4movies.com/trailers/The_Avengers_trailer_7_fs_hq2.mp4)

(the black menu bar in Honeycomb is permanent, so the video has a custom resolution to account for that)

Android Phones (960×540) such as the Droid Bionic and the HTC Sensation:

http://www.tools4movies.com/trailers/The_Avengers_trailer_b_fs_hq2.mp4 (http://www.tools4movies.com/trailers/The_Avengers_trailer_b_fs_hq2.mp4)

Android Phones (854×480) such as the Original Droid 1, NOOKcolor and the Droid X:

http://www.tools4movies.com/trailers/The_Avengers_trailer_dx_fs_hq2.mp4 (http://www.tools4movies.com/trailers/The_Avengers_trailer_dx_fs_hq2.mp4)

Android Phones (800×480) such as the Samsung Galaxy S1 and S2, Nexus 1:

http://www.tools4movies.com/trailers/The_Avengers_trailer_gs2_fs_hq2.mp4 (http://www.tools4movies.com/trailers/The_Avengers_trailer_gs2_fs_hq2.mp4)

As mentioned above, the trailers have “streaming” enabled so they will play while downloading, but make sure you have enough internet speed to keep up.

If you rather download the trailer and keep it in your tablet or phone, just right-click on the link on a computer and select “Save as”. After the download is completed just copy it over.