View Full Version : SOCKS proxy could shroud tethering?

10-08-2011, 09:46 PM
I've recently picked up a ThinkPad X120e. As it was in transit, I did two things. I set up a SOCKS proxy on my computer and got my phone set up for tether. At first, I hadn't thought to use both at once. Tether was for when I was out wherever, SOCKS was for when I was at school or anywhere else where I'd be hanging around for a good while.
However, a friend has made me wise to the that computer packets look different from phone ones. I've also become wise to a call from VZW that was intended for my dad (c'mon VZ, it was my first day and I've not even had a gigabyte yet this cycle!), the intention of which I still don't know. So I'm curious; could the proxy serve as a good shroud for tethering activity? Thanks!