View Full Version : .13p Baseband

10-03-2011, 04:30 PM
Hey Guys, I'm an Stoner-X here, My alltel just switched to Verizon on the 25th of Sept.

Before then I was running stock .605 OTA from Verizon, but with the old .00R baseband from the Generic North america SBF. I SBF'd today with a .602 with the .13p baseband in it, And have lost my 3g connection, and my Network just says "Unknown"

Is there a fix for this? Or whats going on? Shouldn't the new baseband work with Verizon (Because it is verizon's) but my phone is not from them originally?

Guess i'll SBF my old baseband back and then upgrade with the linux method Like before. Gonna be a fantastic night..

Also, Don't give me the *228 line, I do that when ever i upgrade. :)