View Full Version : Policy Manager Service and SQLite editor

09-26-2011, 12:00 AM
I noticed something that - my limited knowledge - caught my eye and intriqued my on what this could be part of? (I have looked all over thebinternet and can't find an answer for this. Thus, this post.)

In SQLite Editor, I noticed "Policy Manager Service." And under, "policies.db" and "system," I see "UnlimitedMobileConnectivity," "UnlimiteMobuleConnectivity," along with limited with previous two things. I also noticed "UnlimitednLimitedWiFiConnectivity" also.

My brain with it's limited knowledge on these things was thinging about the dropped 3G issue and maybe the WiFi tethering capabilites? I will not say wether or not I tried the RadioComm tweak. And I have read the SQLite editor tweak for Droid Bionic. My value was already set at "0." So I didn't need to tweak that at all.

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