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09-23-2011, 12:51 PM
Recently looking through all these forums trying to figure out how to change the noise my Droid X made when turning the device on I figured out how to do so Myself. Your Device Specifically is either set to make the "Droid" noise and when trying to change the notification ringtone you just get a series of beeps or something random. To successfully change the noise here is what you will need for starters:
(Rooted) Droid X
"RingDroid" (or any other program you prefer to use to make your custom tone)
"MediaConverter" (paid app but I'm sure you could find it free somewhere if you can't pay for it)
"Root Explorer" (of course or any other app you may want to use in place of this but this app works best)
"Rom Toolbox" (optional until proven otherwise)

1. To get started first you should go into "RingDroid" or whatever program you would like and make your tone. After making your custom tone save it and take note of where it was saved to. This step is important for Converting the file.
2. Open "MediaConverter" and choose "Audio Converter". This should be the option on the Top Right. Click "Choose File". After choosing your file you will be back at the previous screen. On this screen you will see "Convert To Format". You will need to choose "OGG" which should be the second choice in the list. Only thing to do from there is tap "Convert!". Pay attention to where the file is located so you could it in the step to come.
3. Here is where it is important to pay attention. Open up "Root Explorer" and on the top it should say "Mount R/W". Tap that to ensure everything works correctly. Remember in the previous step when i mentioned paying attention to where the file is located? Here is where that comes into play. Double check to make sure you know the location of that file before continuing. You should be able to locate the file by tapping "SDCard", then "Media", then "Audio" and finally "Ring Tones" or "Music" depending on where you chose to save it. After locating the file go back to the first page you saw when opening "Root Explorer" and tap on "System". From here tap "Media" and you will see "Audio" and your "Boot Animation". Tap "Audio" and on the next screen tap "Notifications". Find the file titled "Droid.ogg" and hold down (long press) on that file. A screen of Options will come up and you need to click "Move". Then you must click the back button on the bottom of your Droid X four times to get back to the first screen of the app. Tap "SDCard" and move the file to the same location as the file you created to be your new custom tone. Hold down on the file you just moved there ("Droid.ogg") and chose the option "Rename". Rename the file to something else besides "Droid.ogg". Keep the ".ogg" at the end of the name because that is the file type. After naming that file to something you will recognize, rename the file you created as your custom tone to "Droid.ogg". Afterwards, move the file into the folder where you got the original "Droid.ogg". Everything should be good to go from there. To ensure everything worked correctly in the same order I did things, I would recommend opening "Rom Toolbox", scroll down to "Wipe Dalvik-Cache" and tap that option. This should bring up a menu that says "Wipe Dalvik-Cache and reboot now?". Click "Yes" and everything should be history from there! Refer to the above writings for any questions you may have about the process that was not made completely clear. Any and all questions, comments, and concerns are welcome. Thank you again.

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