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09-09-2011, 03:08 PM
I really would like to figure out how to get better battery life out if eclipse. I have ran scripts....flashed new versions (wiping in between of course so I don't have streaks in my undies) but have yet to exceed 12 hours of light to virtually no use.....let's not bring up heavy.

With stock rom....rooted....frozen bloat......light use I get this

Now of course on heavy days I get much closer to 12 to 18.....but that is still light years ahead of eclipse. But I am also running SPB 3d shell too. Which is no helper to battery life.

I love eclipse for the features....speed....stability....and over all experience......but battery life is crucial to me......therefore no battery life = no eclipse for me at this time.

I would like to change this....anyone have any ideas how?

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09-10-2011, 05:00 PM
I regularly get at least 12 hours and normally 16 or more on v.5 Eclipse - I'll tell you what I did and maybe it will help you out.

First, I charged my phone to 100% on P3's prerooted GB. Then I backed everything up with Titanium and did a Nandroid backup. Next I flashed Eclipse v.5 and disconnected my charger (charger was connected through all the previous steps). Was Booted with Eclipse I setup everything, installed Titanium and restored Apps and Data - I reconnected the charger and continued all my setup. I got Battery Calibration and Juice Defender Plus from the market. Setup Juice Defender to turn off data with the screen and once the Battery hit 100% I used Battery Calibration to calibrate the battery. I then disconnected the charger and REBOOTED - something I've learned with my X2 is if you do not reboot after a charge (even a 5 minute charge) your battery will not last. I know it sounds stupid but rebooting after every charge really works - I had to do it on P3s and Moto's versions as well. This would usually give me 12 hours of heavy use and at least 16-18 hours of normal use.

I started doing a little experiment yesterday by freezing all the Data Collection and both Battery Manager and Battery and Data Manager, then charging to 100% and re-calibrating the battery and a reboot. So far my results are great I've been off charge for 25 hours and have 21% battery remaining with my normal use. As a disclaimer I've only done the test one day so try at your own risk. Only issue I've found with freezing these right now is you cannot use the Battery & Data Manager in Settings or Battery History in Spare Parts - I've been using JuicePlotter by same guys as Juice Defender to watch the battery drop.

Eclipse is great to me and I think the whole battery issue is more a Moto thing, the ROM just strips out the Blur and Nitro is just trying to give us a better experience.

09-14-2011, 05:21 PM
So you froze Battery and Data Manager and Data Collection.....any other motorola.* processes you've done? I'm trying to freeze as many of the motorola ones as possible without making the OS unstable.