View Full Version : Reboot logger records DROID x "power cycles"

09-08-2011, 02:48 PM
Reboot logger is an app I found that does record when my DROID x reboots. Been noticing that it isn't happening as often. Most often it has happened when using media formats that use speakers. Have had some hard reboots, also. I wont use verizons nav system because it always reboots then. All of this is f y I. I'm holding on to the droid x.
Im eligible for an upgrade early, just got the email, but can't see spending hundreds for a new phone extended life battery and holster to fix a less then once a day reboot issue that keeps me from making phone calls for 3 minutes. Not sure changing from one droid to another would really help. I think every phone on the market has some issues. When I do switch it won't be another motorolo.

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