View Full Version : Apex 1.4.1 vs apex 2.0(I think for gb)

08-18-2011, 10:40 PM
So yes, im a die hard on froyo, but I've been a fan on apex, rubix etc for a long time. I was just wondering what are the differences between the gb apex and the one for froyo and if.it was worth switching? Thanks for any insight people

Nemo aeternamn
08-18-2011, 10:53 PM
well... apex two is the gingerbread version...
if your foryo die hard... you can keep the kernel... and instead use one of the 2nd init roms... like ssx, justice, cm7, liquid.... etc
and no... i don't think it's worth switching... all the roms i've tried on the gb kerel... 596 builds... have all been really laggy... especially compared to the cm7 based roms