View Full Version : Battery Wake lock?

07-15-2011, 07:07 PM
I'm not sure if I'm wake locking or not, battery life is pretty bad, down to 30% left after 9 hours, When I go into battery use, it shows the the first half of those 9 hours the phone being awake for just little slivers of time (as i'd imagine with facebook or whatever checking) but the second half it's almost solid blocks (while the screen is off) I wasn't download or as far as I know syncing anything. I go into spare parts it says it's been runnin 94% (which is way higher then the battery usage showed) and I goto partial wake and the highest thing is maps at 6%) So I knwo it's in some kind of wake lock, I don't know which to believe in when it's awake, battery usage or spare parts and how can I identify what's keeping it on?

Thanks for any insight into what's going on, this happens with both the CM7 and SSX rom (which I know isn't saying much as they are virtually the same. I switched to SSX because I herd a bit better battery life. I herd that Apex was way better and ASOP liberty was even better but they don't give very clear instructions oh how to get to ASOP liberty I know I need to SFB back to froyo which i'm find with but I guess I can't do a ASOP right away I need to update to 8 first? then ASOP I have no idea.